Things You Know About Heartcode BLS to Work as Responders 
If you want to play the role of a responder to save the life of someone in cardiac emergencies, you should acquire knowledge of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. For this, you should enroll in Heartcode BLS online program. It is a comprehensive and self-directed online learning program and uses an adaptive learning method. 
The technology allows learners to demonstrate and acquire basic life support skills with the help of a personalized learning path in real-time. The BLS program is available for paramedical experts, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, who need the knowledge of Basic Life Support to perform their duties in clinics.
Steps to Complete the Program
Candidates willing to complete their CPR or BLS Certification under Heartcode should follow two steps-
You have to attend online CPR classes to complete the online section of your program.
Join the nearby training center to pass your hands-on session in CPR. 
Once you complete the steps, you will get a course completion card, which remains valid for 2 years.  The card is the proof of your training followed by First Aid and CPR Certification Online. 
PALM DESERT – Main Office
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Palm Desert, CA 92211
1-760-832-iCPR (4277)
Overview of Hands-on Skills 
Hands-on skills refer to a few psychomotor skills assessments, which need voice-assisted manikins. Simultaneously, you need a combination of audio and visual feedback from your instructors. Alternatively, Heartcode BLS mandates you to undergo a skills assessment with an instructor of the AHA to get a valid online card from the American Heart Association BLS provider and it remains valid for a maximum of 2 years. 
Topics Covered in the Program
Steps involved in the survival chain of a person with cardiac arrest 
Methods to perform quality CPR for children, adults, and infants
Application of an Automatic External Defibrillators
Effective team dynamics in any multi-rescuer cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Special considerations to treat patients with the basic life support
Technique to relieve airway obstruction from any foreign element or body for an infant, a child, or an adult
Instructors of the American Heart Association CPR provide coaching and debriefing immediately after they check the knowledge level and activity associated with cognitive assessment.
Right Candidates for Heartcode BLS Program 
Healthcare Professionals
Nurses, doctors, para-medical staff, and other healthcare professionals should know the right way to perform CPR and provide cardiovascular life support. Hence, the BLS or CPR Certification is mandatory for such healthcare professionals. 
The sudden cardiac arrest followed by brain damage or death may take place out of a medical facility. Moreover, an SCA victim hardly gets 5 minutes approximate time to restart breathing. Hence, non-healthcare experts who want to be first responders should search for BLS Certification near me to collect information on institutes offering BLS or CPR programs. 
Utilization of diverse online learning assets, like the activities of cognitive assessment, dramatizations, interactive activities, and knowledge checks are the few skills you acquire during your BLS or CPR Certification organized by HeartCode. Furthermore, the learning method gives you consistency in training and adaptability to diverse learning styles. Therefore, the opportunity to learn innovative things related to AED, BLS, and CPR at your selected pace will let you make real-time decisions.  
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