What You Learn During the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Program in Calexico


Do you want to explore your career as a healthcare professional by providing care to patients? You may pursue the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Program in Calexico to be a certified nursing assistant in your area.


Overview of the Program 


The Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Program in Calexico is an accredited program designed to prepare high school students to work as certified nursing assistants. The curriculum contains every procedure and standard to make candidates competent enough to deal with various requirements of patient care. 



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Program Involves Both Classes and Local Nursing Home Visits 


Candidates enrolled in Nurse Assistant Training Program (NATP) in Calexico will attend online or offline classes organized by Southern Californian University. The classes consist of theory and laboratory sessions to let students know the real-life scenarios associated with the program.


Students acquiring certified nursing programs by searching CNA Programs Near Me in Calexico have to attend local nursing homes with an assigned instructor for completing a clinical experience of about 40 hours.


Things Students Learn in Classrooms


  • Students may learn the fundamentals of nursing care with the introduction to human body systems, nurturing of diseases and other common ailments in humans. 


  • Classroom students may even know to identify and report observations of patients to the nurse. 


  • The program gives enough skills to candidates so that they can respond to diverse requirements and handle different conditions smartly.


  • Candidates gain mastery of medical terms and acquire communication skills required in a clinical or hospital setting.


Things Students Learn in Laboratory Settings 


Candidates in a laboratory setting will know the skins required to perform nursing care. Such skills include calculation of intake and output, measuring blood pressure, preparing hospital beds, application of personalized protective devices, measuring weight and height, washing hands, and similar others. Students have to practice such skills on one another based on the supervision of their instructors. The lab setting even helps students to adopt a hands-on approach to learning skills before attending the clinical part of the program. 


Things to Learn in Clinical Settings 



Candidates in a clinical setting will apply their knowledge and skills in real patient settings. During this period, they have to take care of the residents belonging to nursing homes in the local area. Besides, every candidate must apply their skills to get competency approval from their instructors in every skill.


The Specialty of Instructors Organizing Certified Nursing Assistant Program 


Instructors involved in organizing Nurse Assistant Training Program (NATP) in Calexico are educators and experienced healthcare providers. They have several advanced medical degrees from a registered nurse, doctor of medicine, and other healthcare qualifications pertinent to clinics and hospitals. Such experts will impart to you the finest and best CNA programs combined with direct supervision and immediate training. On the other hand, students not only learn or acquire patient care skills in classrooms or clinical settings but also interact with staff, patients, volunteers, and several other members belonging to a long-term nursing facility. 




Nurse Assistant Training Program (NATP) in Calexico organized by an AHA institute imparts knowledge and skills to candidates so that they know to impart quality care to patients. The program consists of clinical, laboratory, and classroom instructions, and the instructors are registered nurses with years of experience in the nursing industry.




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