Through this professional guide, you will get to know the best techniques to extract MBOX Files in Gmail with safe and secure. Applications are very popular and widely used by users. Sometimes, it is necessary to convert MBOX to Gmail account for MBOX users when they are caught in a different situation. So that way I will describe an alternative solution how to extract MBOX file in Gmail with attachments.

Now I will first tell you about all the topmost exclusive conversion applications that it is used for converting MBOX files. The best list below will tell you the names of all conveyor applications that can convert all your MBOX files with all attachments in your Gmail account.

Best List of the MBOX to Gmail Converter Software:

  1. CubexSoft MBOX to Gmail Converter

Working Steps:

Get the complete working steps of the MBOX to Gmail conversion tool are mentioned as follows below:  

Step 1 –: Download and install the MBOX to Gmail Software and run on any Windows OS.

Step 2 –: Now select the Add File(s) or Add Folder option to upload email files for MBOX conversion.

Step 3 –: After that, the MBOX to Gmail Converter provides two dual login options for conversion, you can move either all selected MBOX to a single Gmail/G suite or Each MBOX file in a separate Gmail account.

Step 4 –: Enter the required Login details of your Gmail accounts.

Step 5 –: Now, Add date filters for the MBOX mailbox to Gmail/G Suite migration.

Step 6 –: Press the Export button, for converting all types of MBOX, MBX, MBS files.

Step 7 –: After the MBOX to Gmail, the conversion procedure is done save the convert report in a CSV file.

  1. MailsMagic MBOX to Gmail Migrator
  2. PCVARE MBOX Converter
  3. SoftSpire MBOX File Converter
  4. ToolstoExport MBOX Migration Wizard
  5. MailSouls MBOX Email Converter

All these above-mentioned applications can convert your bulk MBOX data to Gmail very easily without any hassle. Moreover, use this conversion list to extract all your MBOX email files into supported email client applications like Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Opera Mail, Eudora Mail, Entourage Mail, SeaMonkey, The Bat!, PocoMail, NetScape, Google Takeout, and etc.

Some Requirements to Convert MBOX Files to Gmail

Here is the list of Supportable and useful opportunities of the utility to perform the conversion process:

Batch Export: The MBOX to Gmail Software provides two available options for loading MBOX files i.e. Add File or Add Folder. In order to export unlimited files of MBOX into Gmail/G Suite account, then you can be using the CTRL key of the keyboard or if you select Add Folder option of the software, then you can load the complete MBOX mailboxes folder to export MBOX email to Gmail account in bulk conversion mode at the same time.

Export/Import MBOX Email Files with attachments: With this program, it is easy to extract MBOX to Gmail account along with attachments like hyperlinks, images, mail content, email properties, sender details, etc. You can upload email attachments of any size without any data loss or size limitations.

Directly Convert MBOX Mailboxes into Gmail: both software’s is an advanced utility that gives the facility to directly export all MBOX files to Gmail account within single time processing. It will only ask for the credential login details of the Gmail account to perform the direct export/import process.

User-Friendly Interface: This is a manageable application with a simple and easy user-friendly graphical interface. Any beginner can simply utilize it and extract MBOX email data in Gmail account with no technical capability.

Preserves Email Data Integrity: During the conversion process of MBOX to Gmail, the email properties and folder structure are preserved. You will get receive the exact formatting of all mailboxes even after the MBOX to Gmail conversion.

Use Free Trial Edition

All the software mentioned above provides you with a free demo opportunity through which you can check all these conversion applications and understand their working guide very easily. So utilize the demo version and export the first 20 MBOX files to your Gmail account for free of cost. Then you can purchase license edition without any single data loss fear.

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