WordPress is the most widely used blog system in the world. It powers more than 75 million websites and has tens of thousands of plugins and themes. Simply put, it’s the most widely used software for self-hosted blogs on both personal and company sites.

WordPress might be the answer if you want to create a website for your business but don’t know where to start. Here are eight benefits of using this piece of open-source software to power your website:

  1. Easy Customization

Creating custom designs can be time-consuming with traditional content management systems (CMS). However, with WordPress, you can easily customize everything from colors to fonts, menus, footers, etc., without touching any code. If you’re not tech-savvy, this also means you don’t have to hire a developer or web designer. Instead, you can use easy-to-use plugins that help you perform common website tasks, such as adding menus and widgets.

  1. Low Cost

WordPress is free software. That means even if your company decides to use it for its website, there are no licensing fees involved. Since WordPress powers, millions of websites are already on the Internet, hosting options for this CMS are plenty and come at an affordable price point and excellent quality. Suppose you need to manage multiple websites and save money on hosting. In that case, the WordPress Multisite feature is a good solution for you (it allows your company’s network of sites to be hosted under the same installation).

  1. High-Security Standards

With an average of one in five websites getting hacked, security should be a huge concern for online businesses. You might think that because WordPress powers millions of websites and offers features such as themes and plugins (all created by third-party developers), it can also make your site more vulnerable to attacks. However, this isn’t the case; in fact, it has some of the best coding practices and security standards among content management systems available today. In other words, using WordPress for your company’s website can help you increase your site’s security.

  1. Availability of Plugins and Themes

WordPress is an excellent CMS, but it certainly isn’t suited for every single business need. For example, you might need a membership directory plugin to manage memberships on your website. Fortunately, there are tens of thousands of plugins that you can download from the official WordPress Plugin Directory or purchase from other vendors/developers. Additionally, suppose you want to create custom functionality specific to your business. In that case, WordPress has an extensive code library available for free via its codex. Likewise, the availability of many premium themes makes it easy for users with basic design skills to get started with their designs right away.

  1. Flexibility and Scalability

WordPress is not only an excellent platform for building and launching your company’s website, but its open-source nature also makes it highly flexible and scalable, allowing you to integrate with other enterprise applications easily. WordPress runs on all major web servers and databases, making it easier for businesses that use different technologies within their organization to build websites together. WordPress is as friendly as a content management system can get; you don’t need any previous technical experience or knowledge of HTML/CSS to start using this CMS immediately after installation.

  1. Security

They are using open-source software that guarantees better security than having your in-house solution developed by developers who don’t work together with other teams worldwide. Millions of eyes are on the WordPress core, updated regularly with bug fixes and security updates.

  1. Customization Flexibility

For businesses with specific customization needs, WordPress can create their designs using HTML or specialized software such as Adobe Illustrator. Suppose you already have a customized blog theme for your company. In that case, you can easily incorporate this into your website by simply pointing to your domain name’s nameservers.

  1. Content Management System Capability

As mentioned above, WordPress has 30k+ plugins that allow you to add all sorts of features to your site. You can automate simple tasks like adding social media integration or more complex ones like eCommerce services. The CMS also allows you to add multimedia such as videos and images.


WordPress is an easy-to-use, efficient, and cost-effective content management system. With more than 60 million installations worldwide, it’s no surprise that it has become the #1 blogging platform of choice for people who want results without having to muddle through technical details like HTML or CSS. Business owners can use WordPress to build their website easily by customizing their design (using premium themes), adding features through plugins/extensions, and managing content with ease (all with free support available via its large online community).

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