Poor data security, document security, and inadequate cybersecurity hygiene have made hacking easy these days just as losing one’s wallet. While these have happened to various individuals before, if you do not practice and implement the right document security measures, a data breach would most likely happen to you as well. Copyright infringements and the robbing of intellectual property is prevalent across the world. Even today, data security and cybersecurity breaches remain top headlines in global coverage. And even as governments are looking to implement specific copyright laws, it is becoming increasingly difficult for owners of intellectual property and copyright information to keep up with the constant onslaught of data attacks.

Data security goes hand-in-hand with copyright protection which is why it is increasingly essential for organizations and people alike to focus on protecting their content, sensitive data and confidential documents. 

To prevent hacking or prepare you for such an incident, here is what you need to do.

Realize the scope of a data breach

There are numerous ways in which your data can be hacked. You could have confidential documents stolen, or merely a few passwords and login identifications tied to accounts that you use. Regardless of what has been taken, it is essential to find out how much data a cybercriminal may have on you. If a hacker has compromised your account credentials, you could be more impacted than you know.

In most cases, people reuse their passwords, so if a cyber criminal has stolen your password, they could use the same credentials across various accounts including credit card and banking sites in a type of attack known as password stuffing. If you realize that your bank accounts have been compromised, you need to track down where the breach first occurred. Simultaneously, you need to inform your credit card issuer, financial institutions and banks you are associated with to terminate or halt all transactions from those accounts.

Implement multifactor or two factor authentications on all your accounts online

Having changed your passwords, it is now time to assess the situation and setup account alerts. The next step is to activate multifactor or two factor authentication processes for all your accounts. Although it could be a bit of an annoyance, the security it offers is worth it.

Protecting your rights

As the owner of copyright information or intellectual property, you can use a robust document security technology known as digital rights management to protect your works against infringement. PDF DRM or PDF security technologies that employ DRM safeguard your documents against any unauthorized sharing, copying and modification of your work. You can set limits on the number of devices that your documents can be used or viewed. International laws state that it is illegal to retract, modify or circumvent any work or material that is protected through DRM. As a content creator or an author, you may want to make your information available only to permitted users. Hence, you can employ document DRM as a systematic approach to protect documents from copying, editing, and sharing. DRM technology concentrates on making it impossible for unauthorized users to steal data in the first place by using encryption as an access control measure.  It therefore makes it an efficient and proactive approach to the problem of data and document security than other solutions available in the market that only aim at apprehending cybercriminals after the breach has taken place.

Prevention is the best cure

In today’s environment, seeking the support of only a firewall, basic antivirus system or an anti-malware solution is no longer enough. If you are of the opinion that an anti-malware program can easily deflect malicious hackers, you could be in for a bit of shock.  Cybercriminals are adept at circumventing even the best anti-malware programs and hence to avoid your data from being compromised ensure that it is genuinely protected with a reliable digital rights management solution.  PDF DRM solutions for example will protect PDF documents from both unauthorized access and use, giving you full control over your documents regardless of their location.

In developing market opportunities and world trade, the digital economy will have an increasingly prominent role. Many countries are enhancing their digital and public information infrastructure, while efforts to set the rules of the road for this sector are only beginning. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which promotes global harmonization of intellectual property laws, and several national self-regulatory bodies in the copyright industry have noted that technologies are transforming the way that content is distributed and protected. Future digital markets are likely to require new strategies to preserve digital content, even as the law evolves. 

The nature of digital and technological innovations is such that in most cases, we need to ensure the security of our documents, data and IP. While we have multiple systems to secure our computers, most people still lack the right security programs to safeguard their information. Protecting intellectual property through digital rights management and encryption tools is the only way one can prevent data theft. When it comes to technologies that help you enforce PDF file security, PDF DRM offers a range of features to help prevent unauthorized printing, copying, viewing, distributing or editing of PDF files.

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