Data Center Maturity Model is a self-assessment tool, designed by Green Grid, for determining the efficiency level of a data center and sustainability across every aspect. It touches upon some of the major components of data center that counts cooling, power, storage, etc. The initial stage of data center is mainly based on the functional stability, which involves investments on the basic utility of an IT infrastructure required to keep the store up and available always. These basic utility includes servers, storage, security planning, and application support.

Mapping data center maturity

Data center operators/managers can surely make the most out of this self-assessment tool as it can help them to use their assets more effectively and efficiently, allowing IT operators to reduce capital outlay as well as cutting down its impact on environment such as minimized carbon footprint.

As per Green Grid, thousands of assessments are undergoing that is not only giving data centers better insights to identify its inefficiency but also enabling Green Grid to build more accurate and detailed industry benchmark. They further added that online benchmarking is making it way easier for data center managers to map the maturity of their IT ecosystem and define approaches that can help to progress resource efficiency.

How the model works?

Well, data center managers can determine what’s best for their data center by defining the current condition of the infrastructure and then setting continuous goals for improvement. IT managers need to understand the where your organization stands now so you can set the goals, ideally. In addition, you should also come up with innovative ideas that can help you move up level the models. To get to the next level, IT operators need to ensure that they meet the standards and initiatives outlined in each level. Continuous progression can ultimately enable data center to reach the required level in order to become more efficient and sustainable.

Moreover, the DCMM tool is free of cost and offers five-year roadmap for best practice and improvement in the different aspects of data center. The cool covers a range of features such as energy requirements, e-waste, green resources, carbon wastage including PUE and CUE.

So DCMM comes down to one thing, which is to develop the energy efficiency of the data center and all of this happens remaining technology agnostic. Every data center looks forward to deliver better more at less, reduce environmental impact and benefit from insights to achieve efficiency comparatively faster.

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