Hard work and struggle are the foundation on which success lies. We have all heard the phrase that if you want to get something, you need to work hard for it. This concept has become obsolete nowadays as the advancements in technology have made everything replaceable. In the past students had to work hard day and night every day to score an A grade, but now they can search for assistance and get their assignments professionally done. It makes us wonder about the newer generation and their outlook on hard work if they aren’t willing to work hard for something it automatically means that they do not want it bad enough. Because if a person wants something with all their heart, they make sure to run after it with their hands outstretched.

If you listen to successful people, you will see that they all have one thing in common. Despite coming from less privileged backgrounds, they managed to turn things around for themselves by sheer determination and dedication to their passion. All this commitment to struggle only stems from the passion for making it big in life. But what exactly in life is worth having?

What is something worth having?

Everyone has a specific reason for which they work hard. For girls who want to be models when they grow up, working out with a strict regimen, and eating a healthy diet every day, is part of their hard work. Imagine how hard it would be to eat a salad when all your friends and family is eating pizzas or burgers. If a person wants to be an athlete, a large chunk of their day will revolve around training and practising. Sure they would miss out on a lot of things, but ultimately they will be one step closer to achieving their goals. So everyone has something to fight for. And the amount of hard work that one puts into their struggle goes to show how bad they want that.

You cannot run after your dreams, hoping to be successful by doing something half-heartedly. We all have some fantasy related to us in our minds, and to fulfil it, we need to make some calculated steps. If that fantasy is too good to be true or looks impossible, then that is something worth having. Because ultimately all the things in life that we deem as impossible are all achievable. We just think that we cannot get to them, which then tricks our mind into actually believing it. So if you feel unmotivated to work hard, think deeply about your goals and all the things you want in life. That will provide you with the boost you need.

How does hard work bring us closer to our goals?

Okay, so hard work has a pretty bad rep simply because we all think it is tight and tiring. While yes, that is true, it is also something that keeps us dedicated and determined. Have you ever come across a famous rich person who wasn’t hardworking? Even the actors we do not like have a strict routine to follow to get everything on their task list done. There are numerous advantages of working hard, and one of the biggest ones is that it brings us closer to our goals. How so?

Well, the only way one can achieve something is by consistent. Want to get abs? Work for them every single day. Likewise, consistency makes sure that our mind and body are well aligned with one another, and it keeps them from getting off track. This consistency helps us take baby steps and slowly pushes us out of our comfort zone, which then gets us to the finish line. And while it is all worth it in the end, getting started isn’t the hardest part. Staying consistent is. And consistency comes from tons of tons of hard work and commitment. If a person is genuinely invested in achieving their goals, they will do everything in their power to work hard every single day without skipping a beat.

Final thoughts:

So many people let the golden days of their youth slide by simply because they didn’t work hard. They did the bare minimum to graduate college and then spend their entire lives working menial jobs that they aren’t satisfied with. There’s more to life than that. You do not have to live a life you are not happy in. To all the youngsters who are reading this, now is the time for you to work hard and then there will come a day when you will shine brighter than another star. Remember, hard work never goes to waste if it did; it wouldn’t be called the key to success. So, buckle up and start working hard to turn all those dreams to reality. 20 years from now, you will be thanking yourself for the first step you took that led you towards success.


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