• The power of storytelling
    Do you have any idea why Redbull’s social video campaign is so successful? They hit their audience with a mix of beautiful, action-packed, and educational content. Even though it’s just an energy drink, their videos take you on a skateboarding trip with incredible colors, echoes, and special effects.

Regardless of how basic your facility/product might be, you can use storytelling to make any kind of thinking you want. Create a plot, present conflict, and make your client the hero of your video!

  • Strong and short
    At the 30-second spot of your video, about one-third of the spectators will drop off. In the situation of community videos, shorter is better. So, it’s significant to start strong and hook your watcher with an influential initial declaration or request. You don’t want them to scroll right past you, do you? Make sure to end your video with a solid call-to-action. According to the company of 3d and 2d animation services in Dubai, the least count for video time duration is 30-second.
  • Shareability
    Earlier you produce your video, you should consider why anyone would want to share it. Why couldn’t you resist sharing that ludicrous meme this morning? This study in the Journal of Emotional Science states that exact emotions cause people to share content…

These feelings include optimistic, anxious, fearful, and pleased. Certain stories or info elicit these spirits which lead to “social broadcast”. Shareable content connected has become like expressive flypaper. Use it to set your brand on fire!

  • Your distribution strategy
    It’s a great impression to map out a plan for liberating your videos. The jump of your campaign is your chance at an initial impress. Start solid to build motion for the ones that follow. Using cliff-hangers toward the end is an inordinate tactic. Then, share your video on as many channels as you can. Get all your employees involved so that your movement creates a buzz from day one.

Now you might be intelligent, “Okay that’s all great info, but I don’t have a Twitter!” Or maybe “My corporate doesn’t believe in Facebook, we’re stabbing with Youtube!”

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