It doesn’t matter which field you are in or what age group you belong to. You need some apps to save your time and record your information in the manner intended. Whether you are a nerd or an average student, these apps can make your study plan easy and more feasible. Despite having an urge to buy dissertation online, you can use these apps for self-learning taking your studies forward. 

Online Learning Apps For University Students

These apps will help your resource management and enhance your skills in the respective field. These apps can also help professionals in their daily routines. 


With a rating of 4.5, SimpleMind is one of the leading apps for generating new ideas and remembering information. It is used for mind mapping which a university student requires the most as they have to balance several courses accordingly. The flexibility of SimpleMind is commendable as there are no ads, no data collection, and also you don’t need to sign up for an account. It is easy to use and constant improvements are made based on customer feedback. This app is trustworthy as its being used for 10+ years without many bad reviews. SimpleMind is used in business, legal and medical, and many more industries.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a storage app in which you can store 100’s of GB of data on the Google cloud and review it at any time. If your phone has a minimum storage capacity, don’t worry, Google drive is here to rescue you. You can upload all your university lectures and review them afterward. You can upload your assignments, quizzes, and journals, etc. Even if you lose your device, you can access it from anywhere from any smartphone or PC.


StudyBlue is an app in which you can process your whole course and revise it through flashcards. You can make your flashcards or study from flashcards made by experts regarding your field of interest. This can be used as a short revision process and the information can be retained easily.

You can access these flashcards anytime you want, even before the exam for a quick review from any device. There are more than 500 million flashcards, you just have to find the deck related to you which are categorized precisely.

iTunes U

iTunes U is Apple’s education initiative that gives you access to free online courses developed by professors from leading universities. The authenticity of the information on these courses is accurate and verified by many educational authorities. Courses contain loads of material, in form of audio, eBooks, videos, and many more. It provides notes and assignments to aid the students with excess information on the comprehensive exam. The only restriction is that you should have an Apple device.

Khan Academy

Khan academy is one of the oldest and most developed platforms for learning. It was funded by Bill Gates itself for its easy and accessible lectures for students of any background or program. It can be accessed through any device regardless of its software support. It provides a wide range of thousands of lectures on different subjects like biology, chemistry, mathematics, and many more. The subjects are properly divided into topics with a clear representation of the information. It also has practice sessions and stat-tracking for your progress. All these facilities could be availed free of cost.


You can sign up on Coursera for free. They have structured online classes with a variety of topics. These courses are affiliated with the world’s leading universities and lectures are taught by experienced and professional instructors. The lectures, quizzes, assignments, and exams are conducted on weekly basis and there is a fixed benchmark that needs to be surpassed to finish the course. You also undergo peer evaluation and get a traditional class experience. A certificate will also be issued after a course is completed which will be from a reputed university. This certificate and course will give you an upper hand during your university life and also after it during your interviews and jobs.


TED Talks and conferences are a way to spread ideas and portray many motivational events which could be highly beneficial for university students. The speakers which are called for TED talks are quite reputed, experienced, and influential people. They share their visions and thoughts with the people and guides them to the future. The speakers talk about many fields like economics, politics, philosophy and many more rising subjects. You can also get an idea from TED Talks for your university dissertation writing.


Ever wondered if you didn’t lose that picture of the lecture you took from your phone which accidentally got deleted? Evernote will solve this problem. You can capture a note or a memo in any format, be it a clip, a receipt, an audio file, a scheduled meeting, or any notes on to Evernote’s, and categorize it to the respective field.

Time Table

With a rating of 4.0 on Google play, Time Table is a brilliant and intuitive app to manage your university curriculum. A university student like you has many chores to handle with studies, assignments, and a lot more. A perfect schedule could help you get organized and keep you right on track. You can schedule your deadlines, assignments and track your work for the day.


Covid 19 gave a tremendous blow to physical classes and gave rise to online classes. Zoom was the one to occupy the large market by providing easy and free services to the students and catering to all their needs. The instructors and students could share their screens with the other students and conduct a productive lecture. Many university students studying abroad also benefitted from Zoom as they could now talk to their loved ones easily.

These apps have different features and specialize in different interests and can be handy for university students. These apps can help you get organized and get extra help apart from their universities with flexible timing. Buy dissertation online services can be of use when you are in your final year of university and are required to write a dissertation. Getting in line with these apps and services would help you end up with a good grade when you graduate. 

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