Cardiopulmonary resuscitation involves a lifesaving technique and it is useful to handle various emergencies. These are near-drowning, heart attack, and similar other situations when the breathing of a person stops. 

Institutes accredited via the American Heart Association regularly organize First Aid Certification Palm Desert CA for both first responders and untrained bystanders. The institutes focus on starting CPR with fast and hard chest compressions. Candidates not only learn hands-only CPR but also get knowledge to operate Automatic External Defibrillators.


Objectives of CPR Training and Certification

Institutes organize various courses and programs associated with BLS Certification Palm Desert CA to meet the following objectives-

To identify the condition of sudden cardiac arrest

Candidates identify the condition of sudden cardiac arrest if the heartbeat of a victim stops its functions completely or the patient losses consciousness and breathing. Moreover, sudden cardiac arrest leads to instant ceasing of blood circulation to vital organs and the brain in victims. 

To Understand the Chain of Survival

The chain of survival consists of the necessary interventions to apply in regular intervals to increase the chance of survival of sudden cardiac arrest patients. Whether you choose BLS or CPR Classes Palm Desert CA, you have to learn five different links associated with the chain of survival.


To deliver high-quality and prompt CPR

Instructors involved in providing CPR and PALS Certification Palm Desert CA train candidates to deliver high-quality CPR in no time. Doing so will supply blood rich in oxygen to the vital organs of a person, especially to the brain and the heart. High-quality CPR improves the condition of a victim’s heart within a less possible period.

To Deliver Rescue Breathing or Ventilations

Rescue breathing refers to a first-aid procedure, which first responders apply to individuals, whose breathing stops because of cardiac arrest. The process involves blowing air into the mouth of individuals to provide oxygen to their vital organs. Experts train candidates attending a CPR Certification Palm Desert CA to train individuals to perform rescue breathing as an essential part of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

The technique of rescue breathing varies depending on whether it applies to a child or an adult. If your job profile has to handle many children in a daycare facility, you have to acquire ACLS Class Palm Desert CA.


To Use AED

Your selected CPR Certification will let you learn to use AED. AED is the acronym for Automatic External Defibrillators. AEDs are life-saving devices, which treat sudden cardiac arrest patients. The main role of this advanced and easy-to-use equipment is to analyze the rhythm of one’s heart. Moreover, depending on the requirements, AEDs may perform defibrillation or impart electrical shocks to allow the heart to regain its rhythm.


Therefore, with CPR and first aid training programs, you gain enough confidence to know various ways to deal with both out-of-hospital and in-hospital emergencies. Only, you have to pass a written test organized by the AHA and develop psychomotor skills to evaluate emergencies with 100 percent of accuracy. 

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