While deciding on your next vacation, why not consider Iceland? Of all the other common hill-stations, beaches, and historical spots, Iceland promises you with an array of diverse scenic beauties and is blessed with several nature’s wonder in many of its places including hot springs, volcanoes, northern lights, geysers and more.

Here is the list of all the good reasons behind your Iceland visit and why must you visit the Island soon.

Iceland’s Midnight Sun

Thanks to the island’s geographical location of being situated at the shadow of the Arctic Circle, you can witness the midnight sun which happens to be bright with the daylight of 24 hours from the middle of May to the latest July.

Marvel the Northern Lights in Aurora Borealis

Courtesy to Iceland’s location of being at the top of the world, ensuring you get to enjoy the best views of the marvellous Northern Lights from there. If you are excited about the Northern Lights, you can plan your trip anywhere between Septembers to April.

The Adventurous Icelandic Glaciers

The largest glacier- Vatnajokull of Iceland covers at large hectares of land of the northern and southern highlands. Most of Iceland’s top tourist attractions include the glaciers like the Jokursarlon, which is filled with gigantic icebergs.

The Super Jeep Tours

A few of the exciting jeep tours of the island are made up of Thingvellir National Park, Gulfoss Waterfalls followed by the Geothermal areas.

How to Reach Iceland?

Flight journeys to Iceland are the most taken mode of transport to Iceland. However, people also choose to sail across to the island.

By Flights:

You can reach Iceland by flights from Canada, the USA, and 14 other European countries. For domestic flight purposes, you can choose to get off at Reyjavik airport. While for a long layover, you can get off the Keflavik airport.

By Water:

If you wish to sail to Iceland, you can do so through a ferry that weekly sails from Denmark’s Hirstshals via Farou to Iceland’s Seydisfjourdur. It takes about two nights to complete the entire journey.

Iceland tourism is by far one of the most visited attractions in the word that attracts thousands of tourists across the globe each year. When looking for the perfect and super jeep tours or any such adventurous tours in Iceland, try taking Always Iceland into consideration.

A tour operator registered by the Icelandic Tourist Boards, Always Iceland promises myriad tours for travellers with different demands. With easy cancellation policies and luxury vehicles for all types of needs and budget, Always Iceland is one of the most reliable and trusted tour operator names in Iceland.

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