Every year, people belonging to different regions of the United States mark the first week of June as CPR week. Hence, PDRE and the American Heart Association emphasize the significance of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. 


Overview of CPR 


The cardiopulmonary resuscitation method is vital in cardiac arrest, drowning accident, or any other similar type of life-threatening situation. CPR in Loma Linda CA applies to individuals, whose pulse rate or breathing stops. CPR treatment compresses the heart and the chest to allow easy pumping of the blood to the human brain. According to the experts involved in CPR and First Aid Certification Loma Linda CA, one must take fast action. If cardiopulmonary resuscitation does not start immediately after the heart rate failure, the brain suffers damage


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BLS Program to Learn AED and CPR

CPR Classes Loma Linda CA is the simple and easy form of CPR, which you may learn within one hour. The program covers a few basic techniques for teens, adults, adolescents, and elderly people. The level is preferable for both the home and workplace especially if you caring for anyone at the risk of heart failure or cardiac arrest. Moreover, if you get easy access to AED i.e. Automated External Defibrillator, you may add the training to your existing program.

Key Things to Learn in Good CPR Programs 


While attending any CPR program followed by CPR Certification Loma Linda CA, you will learn the following key things-


Strong Emphasis on Compressions of the Chest 


Whether you choose to pursue BLS or go for an advanced program, like First Aid Certification Loma Linda CA, you will learn chest compressions. Accordingly, the experts will train you the right way to apply high-quality CPA via chest compressions. Every healthcare provider has to provide ventilation and chest compressions. However, they must tailor the compression sequence to identify the prime cause of cardiac arrest. Later, BLS in Loma Linda CA makes you competent enough to let you adjust to the underlying circumstance. 


Delivery of Chest Compressions at 100 Beats to 120 Beats in One Minute


PDRE professionals team with the American Heart Association to highlight the appropriate chest compression rate at the time of the cardiac arrest. Simultaneously, individuals have to know the Staying Alive beat, which highlights 100 beats to 120 beats in one minute. Here, a minimum of 100 beats is compulsory to boost the rate of survival of a patient at the time of imparting CPR. 


Depth of Chest Compression 


Chest compression depth while providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation should be a minimum of 5 centimeters or 2 inches. 


Chest Recoil while Performing Chest Compressions 


You have to prevent leaning on the patient’s chest at the time of compressions. In doing so, you will allow complete recoil of the chest wall. 


CPR with the Application of Advanced Airway


BLS, ACLS and PALS Loma Linda CA always emphasize variation in the rate of ventilation for cardiac arrest patients. Accordingly, a single breath every 6 seconds is essential for people belonging to different age groups.




Therefore, with good knowledge of the use of AED and CPR, you can save the lives of many people.



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