Businesses have been producing videos from ages, we know them as Ads. In past 5 years we have businesses have invested in marketing themselves online and at the top of the pyramid video marketing is proving to have a huge impact. Its required for an online presence to create multiple touchpoints and not one is the only way. B2B communication traditionally was outbound oriented and now the trend is moving towards inbound hence a huge surge of new opportunities are arising.
In this article we highlight Business videos that are particularly called as ” B2B Explainer Videos or Business Explainer Videos ”Most
of the Business Explainer Videos are built to influence an online audience, it can be website visitors or audience on third party websites like Youtube , Vimeo or any other social media / video sharing website. Does your B2B Explainer video needs to go Viral ?
Absolutely NOT, millions of unwanted views that do not convert to customers is of no use. We rather suggest to focus on customer pain points and how well you can convey.


For more you can check Uses of explainer video by businesses

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