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Understanding the Mobile-first Digital Experience

The mobile first digital experience has become a cornerstone for successful businesses. Users of today are turning to mobile phones more frequently than desktop computer mainly because mobile are now playing a growing role in the customer life cycle and also because of the fact that mobile phones have become advanced enough to carry out the daily proceedings of a person that were done initially with the use of computer software. The advent of mobile apps have simply changed the game!

By the end of 2019, the mobile marketing expenditure is said to rise to $195.55 Billion according to Venture beats, along with mobile advertisement amounting to more than 70% of all the digital advertising. With almost 34% of the total online purchases coming from mobile devices, it is clear that mobile first experiences are here, among us and they are massively influencing the people irrespective of their geographical boundaries. Mobile first experiences has disrupted the entire customer journey and forced brands to adjust how they engage and interact with customers.

Mobile micro moments happen when a user reaches out to a mobile device to learn something, buy something, do something, or go somewhere. These changes in mobile culture have forced SEO to mature. Marketers must now understand their customers on a deeper level and create meaningful content that appeals to people during the various micro-moments that make up their customer journeys.

How did we arrive at the mobile-first experiences?
The journey to the mobile first world has taken place in the past decade with a sudden rise in activity in the activity in past three years. It was nearly seven years ago, in early February 2010, that Eric Schmidt first predicted the impending mobile-first world. In 2014, it became quite clear to the rest of the marketing industry just how accurate his predictions had been and how close they were to coming true.

In 2014, Google added a mobile usability report to their webmaster tool and with which people could track more information regarding their website designs that are mobile optimized. Around this time, digital marketers have also understood that by having a website design that is mobile friendly can lead to a sales boost of almost 200%.

Soon afterwards Google started using a snippet that indicated which sites were mobile friendly. This helped businesses who had already taken the step of getting responsive websites acquire positive attention of customers and provided them the insight of responsive being the most prominent feature of the new SEO algorithm that Google was about to update, which commenced later in the year, in Feb 2015 to be precise.

Later in 2015, Google began to push the idea of micro-moments and the AMP markup was introduced, and here onwards the world witnesses a continuous development in mobile based digital marketing.

How brands must prepare for the mobile-first experience?
Firstly, brands should start reviewing the recommendations Google has suggested for sites with the approaching mobile first algorithm.

Businesses should also realize the importance of on-page optimization of their –. Since the mobile search results differ from the desktop search results, therefore brands must realize the importance of optimizing their web content to incorporate effective micro moments in the customer-app interaction.

The customer of today has wandered into countless key points and hence the process can no longer be described as a linear path, rather it has become a series of moments that occur randomly on different devices.

The customer journey today has splintered into countless key touch points. It can no longer be described as a linear path, but rather a series of moments that occur in random orders on different devices.

The better brands can understand these moments and incorporate them into a strategy, the stronger the relationship will be between brands and customers.

To take advantage of this changing landscape, brands need to:
1- understand and pay attention to intent signals.
2- understand the different types of content preferred by their clients for different devices.
3- optimize content for the micro-moments.
track results.

Brands who are interested in succeeding in the quickly changing mobile world need to first understand and then pay attention to intent signals. These signals will boost their understanding of the kind of content their customers are seeking and then they could lead on the path of producing useful, customer centric content that works for their business.
The mobile first digital experiences are here and businesses need to be sure that their mobile strategy expands beyond optimizing individual pages. Developing
mobile website design takes into account your target market’s requirements along with creating personalized content that provide answer to the question in the minds of your customer.

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