Instagram is one of the largest and most popular social networks, but it always needs to change and adapt to keep users interested. Gone are the days when it was just a small photo sharing app with vintage filters. Today there are all sorts of hidden features like Instagram Clipboard that are not noticed when used by accident. Here are 6 Instagram tricks and tips you need to know.

  1. Switch from a personal to a professional profile

Access the user settings in your profile and tap Switch to professional profile in the Account section. You can only do this if your profile is on public mode. A business account places a contact button at the top of your profile and gives you access to analytics so you can see exactly how Instagram marketing works.

  1. Automatic filtering of inappropriate comments

 We all know trolls love Instagram. Just take a look at any post from a user with over 10,000 subscribers and you will almost certainly find at least one very nasty comment.

Instagram now allows users to hide inappropriate comments by filtering out certain custom keywords. To use this feature, go to User Settings on your profile, scroll down the list and click Comment Controls under Settings to block comments from specific users, hide offensive comments, and manually use filters for specific words or phrases.

  1. Pause, rewind, forward, and skip stories

 Storytelling was a bold move for Instagram. Like Snapchat, they should be over in a few seconds. If you turn your head or lose focus while watching a story, you may lose content.

Lucky for you, you don’t need to watch history again if you get lost. Press and hold to pause the story. To return, tap the top-left corner of the screen (below your profile picture and username). Tap the screen to progress through different user stories. And to skip through the entire user’s stories, swipe left.

  1. Allow posts in stories only from subscribers you follow

By default, Instagram enables all of your followers to respond to your stories on Instagram. If you have a very popular account and are not interested in the flow of messages from a group of strangers, you can change this setting.

Log into User Settings in your profile and select History Settings under Account section. Here you can set up replies to messages so that only subscribers you follow can reply to. Alternatively, you can turn them off fully.

  1. Hide your stories from specific users

If your Instagram account is public, anyone can see your stories by browsing your profile and touching your photo. You may also have some followers who don’t want you to see the stories for any reason. Access your Story settings to enter the usernames of the people you want to hide your stories from. You can also hide your stories from any user when you are in their profile, by tapping the three dots in the upper right corner of the profile and selecting the Hide your story option from the menu that appears.

  1. Edit your filters to match your favorites first

There are many filters currently available on Instagram. Many users usually prefer only a few and find it difficult to navigate to find your favorite one when you are in a hurry to post. You can sort your filters so that the ones you use are usually right at the beginning. Scroll to the top of the filter panel and tap on the “Control” box that appears at the end. You can completely hide some filters by checking them, or you can drag your Favorites to the top of the list.
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