Hiring offshore app developers is becoming a hot trend in the mobile app development company. Businesses are now preferring to hire third-party agencies or developers from different countries, instead of recruiting a full-stack team. The reason behind the growth in hiring offshore app developers is that it gives more flexibility and cost-efficiency in the development costs. 

Therefore, today’s startups, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and enterprises are looking for the best mobile app developers from other countries. If you are also thinking of the same, here in this article, I will tell you the top 5 benefits of hiring offshore app developers that will give you deep insights into why you should ultimately hire developers from foreign. 

What is Offshore Development?

Offshore development is a business method to find another IT company for creating the mobile app. In simple words, it is the act of delegating your mobile app development project to other countries. For example, a company based in the USA is delegating its app development project to a company that is situated in India. 

Top 5 Benefits of Hiring Offshore App Developers

The biggest reason why businesses hire offshore app developers is the reduced app development costs. But there are many benefits that come with this method. So let’s take a look at this closely. 

1. No Infrastructure Needed

In the conventional method, you need to rent an office and then recruit an entire mobile app development team for your project. This costs a lot on the budget which is generally not affordable by many startups and entrepreneurs. 

But when you hire offshore app developers, you can communicate with them digitally and get your app development project done easily without the need for setting up a full-time developer team. Because you are developing the app from an external agency or company, you eliminate various unnecessary cost factors. 

2. Offshore App Developers Are Adaptive

Offshore app developers hold diverse expertise and experience in delivering all types of mobile app solutions. Whether it is Android or iOS, a developer can build the mobile application as your project requirements.  Some countries have a limited number of developers in a specific area or lack sufficient experience in a certain technology. 

For example, let’s say you have an android app development project and you want to make this app with React Native. So when you hire Android app developers to create the app with React Native technology, it is not necessary the country would have really intelligent developers. You can hire Android developers from Malaysia and India in the Asia region. 

But India being the leading country in the IT industry, you can hire the same developers from India at fewer costs with higher expertise. Moreover, hiring offshore developer gives you better flexibility in choosing the tech stack and expertise area as per your project requirement. 

3. Affordable Development Cost

The cost of developing a mobile app is usually high. It may go up to $30,000-$1,50,000, which is mostly not affordable for startups and companies that lack resources and funds at the initial stage. But with this hiring model, you save significant costs. You don’t need to pay for extra or any additional requirements. Just hire app developers and start your app development project instantly. 

Besides this, there are no hidden charges or sudden price changes. The company that provides hiring services will sign you an agreement and charge you for only what you have hired. So with this transparency, you save a huge amount on your app development project. 

4. High-Quality Solution

You may doubt that hiring app developers is low-cost so its quality will not be as high. But this is where most businesses misunderstand. Hiring offshore app developers offers you high-quality services. You get a lot of options to choose the best mobile app development company from a wide list and hire the developers from them by comparing with other companies and market reports. 

Because these companies have dedicated professionals who solely work on a single project for a client. Moreover, as these developers work for different industry requirements, they hold good hands-on experience in delivering an effective solution with a mix of new technologies under your budget. 

5. Better Team Control

By hiring offshore app developers, you get more control over the development team. They can communicate with them easily over the call and take the progress report about your project anytime. You can also track their productivity and development efficiency to calculate your ROI. And even if there is a case of canceling a project, it will not impact a lot on your budget because you are handling them digitally, not paying office rent or commission to the hiring agency. 

What Factors You Should Consider Before Hiring Offshore App Developers

After knowing the benefits of outsourcing mobile app development to other companies, you might feel excited to delegate your project. But before you make your decision, don’t miss to consider the following factors.

1. Properly analyze their previous work

As a business owner, you must be aware of the skills and expertise of the developers that you are going to hire so that you drive better ROI for your company. Developers may appear good and attractive on the paper but it is not the assurance of their expertise. Therefore, see their previous work and portfolios to analyze how much they are truly skilled. 

2. Take Task-Based Interview

Some companies may promise you high verbally as well as on the paper. But as you will invest a good amount in hiring developers you should strictly assess the coding and programming skills of the developers by assigning them a real task. Take interviews to closely analyze their skills, rather than making assumptions based on their profile

3. Brand Reputation of the Company

You can hire developers from two sources- 

  1. Freelance websites
  2. Mobile app development companies

In the first case, you get the freedom to choose any developer at your price preference. But you will need to dig deep to ascertain the developer’s reliability in terms of skills and data confidentiality. On the other hand, when you hire offshore app developers from a professional mobile app development company, you can trust the developer’s skills and experience based on the company’s brand reputation. Good companies always hire good professionals. Therefore, you must consider this factor as to which source you should hire app developers. 

Final Thoughts

Hiring offshore app developers directly opens a world of better business opportunities. Today, technology has broken all the boundaries. You now have access to the world’s best technology and business solution from any place. 

Governments and companies are mutually working in improving their outsourcing policies to allow foreign companies to enter their country. Therefore, to make the best out of this opportunity, you should consult a trusted mobile app development company that can provide you with expert developers. 

About the Author

Erma Winter is an Android developer at MobileCoderz-a professional Android application development company that builds modern mobile app solutions for global clients. She specializes in Android development and creating apps for Android smartphones. Besides her coding life, She reads novels and spends time on social media. 

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