This process can be the most demanding of all. With the pressures of the client’s target production date, coming up with all the resources needed in a short amount of time all while trying to stay within budget can seem impossible. Many clients assume creating a commercial is as simple as picking up a camera and shooting, but even with the smallest of budgets, the planning process takes a significant amount of time!

Production is what I define as the actual days of shooting. This is when you’ve got all the cameras, sound devices, and lighting equipment armed and ready to go. It is less stressful knowing you have all the locations, actors, and other resources squared away, but many things can go wrong. Nonetheless, this is my personal favorite stage of production. This is where I get to have fun! Being on a film set is magical. Surrounded by all the tools that will inevitably turn your vision into reality is just mind boggling. For More Refrence: Video Commercial Pricing

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