If there is one gem that symbolizes nature in its purest form, then it is the one and only beautiful green color Emerald Gemstone. Just like the sumptuous Earth, this gemstone possesses a lush green hue that is arduous to ignore. Its amazing green hue gives it an amazing look that can’t be ignored when it comes to buying an emerald stone. Emerald Gemstone or Panna stone is a green color precious gem of the beryl mineral family. 

Apart from stewarding the Earth, this gemstone is also recognized as a symbol of authority. Just like its contemporaries’ sapphires and rubies, it also refers to the category of precious gemstones. Hence it is an important part of the precious world of the gemstone. Due to its amazing healing properties, the stone has achieved a great place in Indian astrology. 


Keeping it is an element of influence for many. Nevertheless, as wonderful as a Panna stone maybe, using it as a regular piece of jewelry isn’t obvious. By wearing a desired option or jewelry, you can get its amazing benefits in a shorter period of time. To get the best results in life, you will need to follow the Vedic procedure of wearing an Emerald gemstone. Its endurance is not at a level with diamonds and sapphires. Therefore, wearing emerald gemstone or Panna stone jewelry on a daily basis should be evaded. 


Emerald Birthstone


The fabulous traditional birthstone for May, emerald or Panna stone is excellent for those who are born from 20 April to 20 May. Such people can endure immense pleasure and prosperity by wearing this gemstone on a regular basis. This splendid green-colored stone is supposed to symbolize love, loyalty, and promise and is an excellent choice if you yearn to celebrate companionship in your life.


Emerald Gemstone Formation


This gemstone refers to the beryl family; emerald gemstone is formed in hydrothermal characteristics. These veins are hot water or hot steam pockets that are located deep within the earth’s surface. By moving beryllium, these veins aid in the formation of emerald stone or Panna stone. As beryllium clusters at a place to heat, the resultant product is applied to form this elegant gem Namely Emerald Gemstone.


Emerald Occurrence Or Origins Of Panna Stone


When it comes to the mines of Panna stone then the stone is located all over the world. There are diverse sources of origin of the splendid emerald gemstone. From Columbia to the United States, India, Brazil, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Italy, Russia, Madagascar, Australia, France, and Egypt, various types of emerald gemstones or Panna stones appear from various places across the globe.


However, gemstones that are sourced from Colombia are high in quality. They are bright, big, and clear gems that have a great demand in the market at present. While purchasing such a stone is a matter of pride, it might come at a very high price. But now, most of the emerald mines have been closed, that’s why a popular variety of emerald stones like Columbian emerald and Panjshir Emerald is rare to find. Hence the cost of the stone has reached the top. 


Properties and Beliefs About Emerald Stone


Properties of Emerald Gemstone


There are several emerald enthusiasts available in the world, but not all people have known the importance that it contains. Crammed with diverse amazing properties, the gem is a possession that’s worth having.


When it comes to the amazing features of emerald stone then this amazing gemstone holds numerous properties. One of the best emerald stone properties is that the gemstone is perceived as a symbol of youth. It is also considered that wearing emerald gemstones can support advancing friendship, peace, compassion, and fairness. Emerald Gemstone is considered as the stone of success, love and also assists the wearer to reveal their feelings truly, without any inhibitions.


Those who desire to enjoy loyalty from their partner are recommended to gift them the emerald gem and this can surely improve their love life. It is a surpassing way to bring joy to a relationship. Communication is remarkably important in a human’s life. By improving in expressing words sharply, this gem is a must-have for those who expect a clear connection of words. As a matter of fact, wearing this amazing gemstone to work is propitious for those who can work in a creative field. Emerald gemstones can improve memory, supporting the person to be a quick decision-maker.


If you are settled into worldly affairs and feel directionless, then this magical gemstone can help by improving the energy that you need now. 


Be it a distinct occupation, hobby, or a person who can support you retrieve your lost passion, this stone can aid you to experience what’s bungling by removing the obstacles from the life of an individual.




Wearing this stunning gemstone is also considered to be advantageous for characters who need to achieve emotional and mental stability in their life. By considering the emotions of a person, the emerald stone or Panna stone has a decisive effect on one’s thinking and learning skills.


In early Egypt, it was assumed that wearing an emerald gemstone can heal infertility. Hence, stones are best recommended for women. Most pregnant women use this gemstone to stop miscarriages and to become healthy and safe productivity as well as a healthy baby.


Emerald Gemstone has supported many in treating heart-related diseases. It also helps in curing ailments linked with kidneys, gallbladder, lungs, spine, muscular system, and pancreas. Panna stone is used to treat several health-related issues including mental peace, heart-related issues, and skin-related problems as well. A person who is undergoing a serious health condition is recommended to wear a Panna stone. It is believed that wearing an emerald stone can help in fast recovery, acknowledgments to its dominant green rays.


The stone is associated with numerous types of health-related issues and becomes the only solution for all these types of serious issues. Another astonishing emerald advantage is that it supports in treating various issues related to eyesight. By holding the stone on your eyelids, you can fight vision-related problems. It also supports healing skin conditions like eczema.


Meditation and Chakra


Emerald gemstone is also connected with numerous chakras of the human body. Wearing an emerald can improve the power of these chakra’s which can result in success in their life. One of the largest benefits of this gemstone is that it assists in making the wearer confident and free from malice. The gemstone encourages love and harmony and makes one more sophisticated of others and loving towards them.


Through chakra meditation, an Individual can improve the stability of your key chakras and that can bring your health and mental attitude to a suitable level and a more calm state. Stewarding the energy patterns of the Heart Chakra, the emerald gemstone removes any inconsistencies in relationships and increases the bond amongst individuals. Every chakra reacts to certain colors and Chakra Gemstones. 


So, now you have known a lot of benefits about this stunning gemstone. You can easily buy emerald gemstone online and endure the benefits that it offers. Make sure that you are buying a natural emerald from a reputed and reliable gemstone store. 



In India, when it comes to buying a gemstone then usually people make a google search with their stone requirement. Like if they are looking out for emerald gemstone then they will simply search for ‘buy emerald stone‘ or ‘buy Panna stone‘. When they will search these terms on google then they will get a list of results which actually deals in a certified gemstone. You can simply choose one of them. Navratan is a trusted gemstone store that mainly offers certified gemstones at the best price along with the authenticity certificate. To avail of worldwide shipping and more benefits, visit our website now.

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