When the atmosphere becomes unbearably hot during mid-year months, relaxing in an air-conditioned room is the best thing to do. Nobody is unaware of the fact that air conditioners are one of most important home appliances in this season. On this ground, it is your responsibility to keep your device safe from serious malfunctions in order to get an uninterrupted air-conditioning experience throughout the summers. You may take help from the experts of AC repair South Miami to guard your device against severe problems.

Coming to the point, we’re here discussing why you should not ignore the water leaking from an air conditioner. True that it just a minor issue, but since it may later lead to many other problems, you have to find and fix the reason responsible for this.Read this blog to find out why your AC is leaking water inside your home. We have also provided some easy solutions so that you don’t need to face discomfort for too long.

From where the water comes into an air-conditioning system? When the hot indoor air comes into contact with comparatively colder evaporator coils, moisture present in the air turns into water through the condensation process. There’s a condensate drain line in your air conditioner that drains the water out of the system. But when the drain line fails to carry out the water, it starts dripping inside your room. Hence, clogged drain line is mainly responsible for the water leakage. Sometimes, you just need to clean it, but if it doesn’t work, thenreplace it as soon as possible.

It may be possible that the drain line is completely fine, but the water is still leaking in your home.This happens when the amount of condensed water exceeds the capacity of the condensate drainage line. Usually, a low refrigerant charge is responsible for this situation because evaporator coil becomes freezing cold in that case. This leads to high condensation in the system and as a result, the water starts dripping inside the room. Apart from this, leaking refrigerant is another possible reason responsible for a little amount of water dripping from the system.

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