People have been keeping records and saving data since ancient times. Coding is also a type of record keeping or preserving data in a way that can be useful later. Basically, coding refers to saving data in simpler and easier forms so that a person can retrieve it whenever they want. Medical coding is nothing but preserving or keeping data related to treatments, diagnosis, drugs, healthcare related services and much more. In short, it is conversion of medical data to easier forms. These are a set of codes that are followed throughout the world by medical coding professionals. Since these codes are used in a uniform manner in healthcare industries, interpretation of medical data becomes very simple.

Every time a patient and a doctor meet, the medical coding process is going on. During this conversation, the doctor will get the information that is essential for the medical coding process. Besides, the doctor needs to preserve this documentation to make sure he or she gets paid.

Coding is important because it can have an impact on medical care, especially when it comes to insurance reimbursements. In today’s fee-for-service medical environment, more and more doctors are having to list underlying conditions, untreated illnesses, and preconditions. Having the right medical coding makes sure that insurers have all the diagnostic codes they need to pay the right amount.

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Another important use of coding is to look at demographics and studies of disease prevalence, treatment outcomes, and accountability-based reimbursement systems.

Future of Medical Coding

With a demand in billing and coding of medical data, medical coding has become essential in many healthcare facilities and in the field of medicine. It also plays a very important part in funding and research. Besides the conventional medical centres and facilities, medical coders can find jobs in insurance companies, law and consulting firms. Many of them take advanced courses and establish their own private firms so that they can freelance their services. The salaries of medical coders are very decent and highly depend on the location, experience and education of the individual.


• Coding is such a powerful tool due to its pairing with the hospital’s data system. By way of new trends in huge data, which usually refers to the enormous amount of data from many sources kept and retrieved from a large data system online. Coding ensures performance in much larger and more fascin

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