There are different types of kitchen sink faucets available in the market these days. The kind of kitchen sink faucet depends on your needs, the style of the kitchen sink and the overall décor of the kitchen. 

The kitchen sink faucet is not just a product but a complete package that includes the type of faucet, the design, the material of construction and the kind of finish. Among all these factors, the most important thing that depends on what type of kitchen sink faucet you need is your budget. The price and quality are always relative terms but it is not always about something cheap or expensive but about what would make your life in a kitchen convenient and practical.

There are different types of kitchen sink faucets that you can get installed on the kitchen sinks:

  1. Sink Cock with Swivel Spout 

These faucets are wall-mount faucets with a single handle. The faucet contains a spout that swivels to enable the user to direct the flow of water. The spout is usually built out of brass and comes in different finishes, most commonly chrome which is shiny but allows water to pass through. The faucet’s powerful silhouette is intended to complement Asian kitchens and culinary traditions. It moves away from more delicate smooth circular forms in favor of a powerful aesthetic statement in your area with cutting-edge utility.

  1. Sink Mixer with Swivel Spout Faucet

Return to the 1980s! The allure of 1980s kitchen décor is nothing without the ideal faucet complement. Given the rising desire for retro-style faucets, they are the ideal wall-mounted faucets for your kitchen. The wall-mounted kitchen faucet, with its separate handles for hot and cold water, elegant long rounded spouts, and availability in several finishes, the most popular being the chrome finish, exudes luxury.

  1. Single Lever Wall Mixer Faucet

The newest trendsetter in the market is the single-lever wall mixer. The handle and the spout are attached to a single frame that needs to be wall-mounted. The spout or the water outlet is elongated to give the flow a better reach within the sink. The design of this wall mixer offers a contemporary aesthetic and blends with the décor of modern-day kitchens giving it the style quotient. 

  1. Swan Neck with Swivel Spout Faucet

These are table mount or countertop faucets that are specially designed for under-mount sinks. They can also be installed with countertop kitchen sinks. Their long spout resembles a swan’s neck and can even rotate giving you the liberty to change the direction of the spout. These faucets work best with double bowl kitchen sinks as you can get them installed in the middle of the double bowls and can easily turn the faucet spout to the sink you need the flow in.


Brass is the best material for kitchen faucets. Brass is considered to have germicidal properties and therefore, even for washing utensils you will have germ-free water flow helping you in maintaining hygiene and sanitation in your kitchen. Brushed nickel is an exceedingly durable finish. Scratches and tarnishing are avoided with the addition of a coating made of a substance like titanium. Chrome is the least durable but also the cheapest.


  1. Height: Select a faucet that is tall enough to fit the goods you need to wash. If the window or shelf over your sink is large, take this into consideration when choosing the height.
  2. Reach: It’s crucial to check how far the faucet can reach into the sink. If you need to pressure wash, a pull-down faucet might let you get close enough to the sink to do so.
  3. Spread: This describes how much broader the faucet can spread its water spray from the sinkhole’s centre. Some spreading faucets have a multipurpose hose that gives you flexibility in spreading.

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