The upkeep of embroidery machines is one of our clients’ most common inquiries. While we focus on providing high-quality embroidery digitizing services, it’s crucial for embroidery firms to stay on top of the machine’s maintenance requirements because, quite simply, the better you take care of the machine, the better it runs and the longer it lasts.

Additionally, since the speed and quality of the embroidered design are so important in today’s competitive market, you can’t skimp on the embroidery machine’s upkeep. You should therefore ensure retaining the quality of your designs by keeping up with machine maintenance, just as we never compromise on the quality of our digitizing for embroidery services. We’ve provided some easy-to-implement advice below to assist you to maintain the embroidery machines’ peak performance.

Machine Regular Check:

This is a no-brainer. If you want to get high-quality embroidered designs, keep your machine clean. The issue is that each embroidery machine has its specific cleaning instructions, therefore it’s important to read the machine handbook to learn what they are for the brand and model of your machine.

The ideal way to maintain the cleanliness of the embroidery machine, according to some of our long-term logo digitizing and embroidery digitizing clients, is to have a monthly maintenance program. However, keep in mind that there is no cap on the number of monthly maintenance schedules, and you are free to schedule them as frequently as you like even daily.

After every embroidery digitizing sewing work, using the business cards is another excellent way to get rid of any remaining threads and lint that may have gotten caught beneath the bobbin cage screw.

Safety Measures:

To clean the machine, avoid using air blowers. Since this can push the lint and tiny thread fragments even deeper inside the system, despite how simple and useful it may seem. Furthermore, this approach could introduce moisture into the embroider machine, which could be, to put it mildly, fatal for the machine.

Keep the thread Covered:

The colors of the finished designs seem too dull and loose is another common criticism we receive for our logo digitizing, embroidery digitizing service, or left chest digitizing services. Once more, the reason why embroidered designs have dull-looking stitches has nothing to do with how well the needlework was digitized; rather, it is due to the error of leaving the threads free. Color threads are prone to collecting dust when left out in the open on racks or shelves, and when you use this dusty thread in an embroidery machine, it not only introduces more dust and debris within the machine but will mess with the tension and produce sloppy stitches but also results in dull designs.

Machine to be turned off when not in use:

Closing the machine when it’s not in use is additional vital maintenance advice for embroidery machines. When embroidery machines are left on for extended periods while not in use, the screen may burn and need to be replaced, which might be expensive. Therefore, make sure the machine is turned off whenever it’s not in use. This will not only assist to protect the machine but also help you save money on energy costs.

The thread’s kind and weight:

An embroidery machine is tuned for a specific weight of thread, and departing from that weight will cause tension problems, necessitating extensive equipment maintenance. Before beginning any embroidery digitizing projects, BitsNPixs always asks clients what brand and type of embroidery machine they use. This one is done to guarantee that we can deliver the ideal stitch density and other aspects of the logo digitizing or embroidery digitizing files in accordance with the make and model of the machine, as well as providing clients with guidance on the proper use of the type and weight of the thread to maintain their embroidery machines at a peak level of performance.


It is very important to know the basic tips to keep your embroidery machine maintained, serviced, and use the right tools and properties to ensure the machine is running fine because the well-maintained embroidery machine will you a great result of great embroidery digitizing service.

We also provide coloreel embroidery digitizing service.

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