Have you ever been to any of the European beach cities, such as Marbella, Ibiza, Saint-Tropez or Mikonos? What makes these cities so special, relaxing and picturesque? Of course their beach clubs, nightlife, restaurants and architecture are the special features which make these places different from others. We too can get that feel of a European beach club at our homes in Dubai so let’s find out how.

With a little planning and the addition of well designed outdoor structures such as pergolas and shade sails, we can transform our barren backyard into a relaxing living space where we can spend time with our family and friends. The pergola UAE companies are offering a wide variety of aluminium pergolas with different pergola design options which can be used for transforming your backyard and get that European beach club feel in the UAE.


Aluminium pergolas are the newest trend in the pergola UAE market. Firstly, the use of pergolas and shade sails provides a cool area by introducing a structure that shades sections of your yard. Shade is important to save furniture and outdoor accessories from the harsh Dubai weather. Also, it is impossible to sit outside in the harsh Dubai sun without proper shade. Hence the first thing to do is to get a modern aluminium pergola installed in your garden, balcony or backyard, whichever free space you wish to transform. 

When it comes to pergola options, aluminium pergolas are the recommended option by the pergola UAE companies. Timber pergolas have been used for many years in Dubai, but they are very hard to maintain, as they are prone to rotting and distortion. On the other hand, aluminium pergolas are built with European standards which makes them sturdy and long-lasting and easily adaptable to withstand the harsh Dubai weather. Therefore, to get that European feel at your backyard pergolas must be strong and long-lasting and this is possible only with aluminium pergolas. 


Aluminium pergolas are mainly available in two types of louver options: fixed louvers and movable louvers. If your budget is limited then fixed louvers are the recommended option and provide a great looking solution. If you have a slightly higher budget you should consider movable or motorised pergolas. The motorised pergolas have movable louvers which can be opened or closed completely or fixed at a certain angle for protection against sun or rain during the entire year. Also, the movement of these pergolas can be controlled by a smartphone through an app. 

When you go for motorised pergolas, many other accessory options are opened and you can convert the free space of your garden or backyard into a home theatre or a perfect living room and get that European feel which you always wanted. You can add glass panes, movable curtains, USB speakers, LED lights, and much more. The addition of these accessories is only possible when you have motorised pergolas to protect them from extreme weather. 

If you think that pergolas aren’t the right choice for your free space, you can go for shade sails, but then they would have limited accessory options. But still, with all these options and little effort you can that European feel in your Dubai home.


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