Finally, you have decided to develop an app for your business and selected iOS as the right platform to reach your potential customers. 

But one thing in which you are still confused is the estimate of iPhone app development cost. Well, the development cost depends upon various factors. 

In this blog, we will be discussing the estimated cost for iPhone app development in 2022.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of iOS App Development

There are numerous factors to consider when answering “how much does iOS app development cost.”

1) iOS App Size

One of the important factors affecting the iOS app development cost is the app size. We can categorize our app into three sections:

a) Small App Development Cost

The average app development time for developing a small app varies between 1-2 months, and the average app development cost ranges between $5000-$10,000.

b) Medium App Development Cost

If we talk about medium app development costs, the development time varies from 2 to 6 months, and the average app development cost varies between $10,000-$50,000.

c) Enterprise App Development Cost

Enterprise app development is for giant companies with full-fledged features and an amazing user interface. These apps are bigger and meant for multiple usages. Developing these types of apps can take more than six months, and the average development cost can be more than $50,000.

2) Complexity of Features

Two primary aspects that affect the iOS app development cost are; the number of features and the complexity of features. The development cost may be higher depending on the number of features you want to implement in the app. 

For e.g., A basic app with basic UI requirements can cost you between $5000-$20,000, and a complex app with a high backend and complex user interface can cost you between $20,000-$2,50,000.

3) Different iOS App Development Positions 

iOS app development consists of many aspects and layers, and all of them have different skills and different positions in the global market. The iOS app development cost also depends on availing of different iOS app development service.

  1. The hourly rate of an iOS Developer varies between $20-$100/hour.
  2. The UI/UX designer’s hourly rate between $15-$50/hour.
  3. The hourly rate of Scrum Master varies between $50-$150/hour.
  4. The hourly rate of a QA Engineer varies between $12-$40/hour.
  5. The Business Analyst hourly rate of a varies between $30-$70/hour. 
  6. iOS App Development Cost As Per Geographical Location 

The iOS app development cost also depends on hiring an iOS developer from different geographical locations. 

  • Hiring an iOS developer from the US will cost you between $80-$170/hour.
  • If you want to hire an iOS developer from India, it will cost you between $20-$40/hour.
  • Hiring an iOS developer from Australia will cost you anyway between $80-$200/hour.
  • Ukraine iOS developers will charge you between $30-$100/hour. 

4) Choosing The Right Platform

The app development cost also depends on the platform you are choosing to build your app. There are two platform approaches for iOS app development: Native iOS app and Cross-Platform. Both have different approaches and provide different features to the users. 

Developing a Native iOS app will cost you approx $1,00,000, and developing a cross-platform app will cost you approx $20,000+.


Developing an iOS app for your business can give you a boost in a short period. Before hiring an iPhone app development company, you must consider these factors, which will help you find the right estimation cost for your iOS app development.

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