Gemstone jewelry is made through a wide variety of manufacturing processes. And most of these processes are designed to mass manufacture the jewelry. This is why the jewelry you see in most retail jewelry stores, chain stores, and e-commerce stores is not described as handmade jewelry. Have you ever thought of what basically happens to metal ore and gemstones as they are mined out of the earth, and how they make an exquisite piece of jewelry? We will answer the entire gemstone jewelry manufacturing process step by step, so buckle up as you read this blog. The process of manufacturing gemstone jewelry begins from the mines, where the gemstones are freed from their matrix, and the metal ores of precious metals are extracted from the earth. Although most of the precious metal that is used in making jewelry and is under circulation is refined and recycled, we can say that at some point in time, it was mined from the depths of this earth. The same thing stands true for gemstones as well – they may trade hands multiple times, but first, they were mined from deep inside the earth.
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