Writing articles is quite interesting and fun. If one has a flair for writing, this should be very easy and an enjoyable activity. Although there is no set way to go about writing articles since everyone’s writing style is different, there are however certain techniques which, if followed can add strength to the quality of the articles. Let us briefly take a look at some of the most effective tools that can be used while writing articles.

Focus on an idea

Before you actual go ahead with article writing, it is imperative that you have an idea in mind. Writing is not about just random ideas put together, but it contains a thoughtful planning phase wherein ideas are brainstormed and the audience is kept in mind so that a certain writing style can be decided on well before the actual writing starts. Hence, once the idea has been well thought of, the audience needs to be considered, the writer must also jot down points and ideas that will make the writing unique and readers are able to see the writers’ passion behind the writing. If the writer does not have any restriction in terms of topic selection, it is best to choose one that the writer finds most interesting because that way the writer’s passion is sure to come out.

Research well

No good writing piece is complete without extensive research. One might get away with one’s own knowledge and information, but that would not give the work a complete and concrete look. There are so many sources of information easily available, hence prudent writers would make sure that they do their research well to follow the norms of using credible sources that is to cite and reference them properly.


After this background work has been done, the actual writing part starts where the writer decides on how much length is required of the article so that ideas are elaborated accordingly, an outline may be drafted that can ease the writer, aspects like formatting, structure and style need to be considered etc.          


Once the initial draft is ready, it is time to edit and review it. Good writers not only review their work themselves, but take feedback from their peers or close friends also. Taking a second opinion helps refine work and identify errors which the writer cannot pinpoint themselves. After the review part the end product is certainly going to be worth sharing.

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