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Ease Anxiety today with 6 Incredible Apps

In this digital era, mobile phones not only allow us to communicate but also help with other things. However, an important fact is that this rapid development in the area of technology has created a situation of hustle and bustle. The race of progression has turned humans into robots, who is working restlessly to meet their desire for more. This endless struggle has also made people anxious and they feel that they can’t get rid of it. But as far you have a smartphone in your pocket, there is no need to worry about this anymore! This is because you can now download these 6 incredible apps and release your anxiety in no time.

1. Acupressure: Heal Yourself
The first app to fix your anxiety issues is Acupressure: Heal Yourself. It’s currently available for the iPhone and Android operating systems and only costs $1.99. It is based on the concept that there are a few pressure points in the human body that can be massaged to release stress. This app tells about those certain points and also directs regarding the proper method of massaging them through impressive illustrations. This activity of message doesn’t require any use of needles or cups but can be done with your hands.

2. Pacifica
The next app to deal with anxiety is called Pacifica. The iOS and Android users can take advantage of this amazing app free of cost. Pacifica comes up with 5 tasks regularly, categorized as Health, Mood, Relax, Thoughts, and Experiments. These tasks include exercises, monitoring your diet, tracking your moods, and different experiments for stress release. Attempting these tasks on a regular basis can help you enjoy an anxiety-free life.

3. Headspace
Next comes one of the most expensive yet popular apps, known as Headspace. This application can be used by iOS and Android users. It comes with a free 10-day trial version and after that, a monthly payment has to be made. However, this app is worth it, as it acts as a personal mind instructor and gives meditation lessons for mental relaxation. It teaches useful techniques for controlling anxiety and easing the mind.

4. Free Relaxing Sounds of Nature
After a long, tiring day, one needs a soothing environment for peace, relaxation, and to ease anxiety. Well, there is a perfect application for this purpose, known as Free Relaxing Sounds of Nature. This app includes around 25 calming sounds of nature, such as birds chirping, leaves ruffling, rainfall, and a whisper of the breeze. You can listen to these beautiful sounds and lose yourself in them while relaxing your mind.

5. Relax and Rest Meditations
Yoga is said to be the best cure for anxiety, and this is why ‘Relax and Rest Meditations’ application can help you with your stress levels. This app offers different tutorials of 5, 13 and 24 minutes to guide you through several meditation exercises meant to ease anxiety.

6. Anti-Stress Quotes
The last app to deal with anxiety is Anti-Stress Quotes. As the name explains itself, it provides a wonderful collection of effective quotes regarding stress and anxiety management. Sometimes, words can do wonders and you should install this app to see if it makes a difference to your state of mind.

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