Do you want to convert MBOX to PST with large email files? Here is the top list of the best MBOX to PST Converter software. Choose the best converter software to convert your email files with attachments.

Here is the list of MBOX to PST Converter software:

CubexSoft MBOX to PST Converter

CubexSoft MBOX to PST Converter is the software by CubexSoft. The tool is the primary solution to save, export, convert MBOX files to other file formats including PST. The software ensures safe data conversion from MBOX files. It is capable to convert a large amount of MBOX files at the same time process. Free download functionality is available to convert the first 25 MBOX files. With this, you can check the processing of this unique software.

MailsMagic MBOX to PST Migrator

This migrator can migrate email data into PST format within few steps. It is designed by the IT experts to convert or migrate MBOX directly to the PST format. You can save MBOX files with all elements of files including its attachments, email images, text hyperlinks, and so on by the utilization of this software. The free edition of this software provides an overview of its processing so that you can view the process step-by-step.

PCVARE MBOX Converter to PST

The converter provides an advanced section for MBOX files. You can select MBOX files one by one or just convert batch MBOX data by loading the folder. The tool is sufficient to convert any type of MBOX files. It can transfer every element of email files into PST format so that users can easily get their email with complete data. The free edition of tools is also provided by software so that users can view the procedure and rate the software on their own.

ToolsToExport Converter for MBOX to PST

The software is good for MBOX to PST file conversion procedure, you can easily convert all MBOX files with this. The processing of this utility is fast and also provides multiple helping features. The features of this software help users to manage the file conversion process without any issue. It maintains the structural elements of files for the converted MBOX data to provide simple view of converted files.

SoftSpire MBOX to PST Export Tool

This file export software can save unlimited MBOX data into PST file extension. The tool helps users to convert all files and also provides some options to process only required data. It never change any particle of email files which made the file conversion process simple and reliable. Downloading and installation of the software is simple and also provides free version for all users.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I convert large email files into PST format?

All tools are perfectly designed for large email data, so you can load all MBOX files for a single time procedure. You can also process the required email files by utilizing the filtration section of the software.

How to MBOX direct convert to PST?

With the above software, you will get your emails files or different email clients (.mbox) into PST directly. This list is made by researchers and provides only best MBOX to PST converter software for Windows OS-based computer systems.

Is free conversion of MBOX files possible?

Yes, you can utilize the free version of any software and follow the steps of these tools. All these converters include free functionality so that users can understand this procedure. And these free editions also provide some options through which you can save some MBOX files into PST for absolutely free.

Which tool is good for non-technical users?

The converter by CubexSoft is the best software for non-technical users as it provides user-oriented interface for all steps and features. But you can also try other software of this list so that you can better understand the procedure and get the best solution.

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