Cloud is making life easier for developers and end business users both. We use them so often today that we do not feel the difference between on premise and cloud based applications. But when there is a downtime, we do realize it. There is panic and we want IT or Third party to fix it immediately.

Cloud Management Platforms help public and private cloud providers manage their infrastructure. Cloud management is complex today as the cloud environments is continuously changing and are becoming more demanding. Cloud management & monitoring platforms and services are widely used to help achieve business continuity.

Cloud management solutions comes in all sorts of functionalities and use cases, but which ones match best for your practice needs to be fine tuned. With so many kind of businesses and cloud infrastructures what type of cloud management tool will suit them best varies. We look at some of the solution providers and how they are using videos to market themselves and reach to their target audiences.




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You can check Cloud Monitoring Video Examples one of my work.

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