When you are looking for cloud server hosting plans which can provide you with greater scalability, redundancy, accessibility, enhanced performance and robust security, you should consider buying them from CloudOYE. Their plans are supported by hypervisors that run with robust and advanced multi-processors such as the Dual Xeon processors. The storage has been powered with Netapp and this guarantees a Tier III infrastructure so that you site can experience optimum performance.


cloud server hosting

CloudOYE can come up with innovative hosting solutions which will allow you to scale up your resources to cater to the increasing business demands. You will be able to provision computing power instantly and get access to a huge range of IT services that your business needs.
CloudOYE has become one of the leading cloud server hosting India providers as it delivers custom solutions for boosting your business. They are supported by a 24×7 technical support team which is equipped to handle server monitoring, technical assistance, backups and data recovery services.

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