Whether individuals undergo outpatient or inpatient surgical procedures, they have to undergo intravenous therapy recommended by healthcare providers. Many doctors also consider IV Therapy as a prime component of diverse surgical procedures. Nurses and doctors use intravenous therapy procedures for administering pain medications, anesthesia, fluids, antibiotics, and other vital fluids. However, the question that comes to our mind is why a patient requires intravenous infusion before, during, and after their surgery. For this, we will discuss a few roles of IV medication and hydration therapy in detail.

Intravenous Procedure Before Surgery

IV supplementation or hydration package by Replenish 360 before surgery hasa measurable effect on your surgical outcome. Intravenous procedure before surgery will affect four primary mechanisms, which include the following-

·        Reduces the level of oxidation generated by anesthetic agents and surgical procedures

·        Boosts immunity level

·        Reduces swelling, bruising, and inflammation

·        Promotes faster healing of wounds

Antioxidants may deactivate many unstable free radicals resulting from major or minor surgery. They play a vital role to prevent further damage. Nutrients, like carotenoids, minerals, and vitamins with glutathione and bioflavonoids work as antioxidants.

Intravenous Procedure During Surgery

·        IV Therapy during a surgical procedure allows healthcare providers to deliver emergency drugs efficiently and quickly whenever they become necessary for patients.

·        IV fluids maintain an appropriate level of hydration, blood sugar, and electrolytes in patients while they undergo surgical procedures.

·        The body temperature of a patient under surgery reduces gradually while he/she undergoes sedation. In this situation, the IV procedure administers warmed intravenous fluids directly into the bloodstream of the patient.

·        Anesthesia personnel even use IVs for infusing the drugs required for keeping the patient safe and asleep during a surgical procedure.

Intravenous Procedure After Surgery

Post-surgery boost benefits all people who have to recover from minor or major surgery. If you perceive that you should undergo an intravenous treatment procedure to aid in your fast recovery after surgery, you should get it to achieve the required boost. For this, you only have to search for IV Therapy near me or anything similar and get the list of reputed IV clinics in your area. You only have to select a reliable clinic to avail of the following post-surgery IV treatment benefits.

·        The treatment procedure hydrates your body to improve the blood flow in your body and promotes relatively faster healing after your procedure.

·        IV procedure is useful to inject a high dose of zinc and vitamin C, along with other nutrients directly into your bloodstream. Both of these nutrients are the caring standards in the healing of wounds.


The optimum level of nutrition reduces the time taken for your wounds to heal after your surgery. On the other hand, inadequate nutrition will increase the healing time of your wounds and leave you (surgical patients) susceptible to many complications. The chance of surgery-related complications will increase when the individual has a few other medical conditions before the procedure. These include overweight, diabetes, poor blood circulation, and hypotension or hypertension. For instance, diabetic patients often remain at risk of poor wound healing and infection after surgery. On the other side, nutritional supplementation given via IV procedure before, during, and after surgeries will give an improved surgical outcome. 

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