So I recently put my copies of Final Fantasy VII and IX up on eBay. Both were practically new with all the documentation in mint condition. I started the bidding at $10 and put a buy it now for $60 (saw copies of Final Fantasy VII going in the $30-50 range).

I hadn’t been paying much attention to the auction and in the end it sold for like $13.25 total….. Ouch. I mean I don’t care because I haven’t had a Playstation or even PS2 in like 8 years, but I expected to get a bit more out of it. I think I paid $20 each when I bought them back in high school. I’m guessing being greatest hits versions means they were mass produced and collector’s prefer the original versions, but they’re still worth having if you happen to have a Playstation in my opinion.


Please Help.
Thanks !

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