Getting admission in top international universities is like a dream came true. Every student somehow wishes to get an admission in an international university due to the excellent educational system as well as the unfamiliar surroundings which influence the students to study well and come up to the mark to get an admission in a well-known university. Because millions of students apply in the top universities but only deserving candidates, get the admission. Although some worthy candidate fails to get admission because they don’t follow the right application process that is the reason why they miss this golden opportunity. In order to provide right direction to the students for getting admission in the most wanted international universities, here present some admission processes of the top most universities across the globe.

essay-writing-service-2Application procedure for Oxford University

  • Entry requirements

In order to get qualified for the entry test, a candidate must require to get A*A*A and AAA in A-levels. Although there are different rules for every subject specially, the requirements are much higher for science subjects.

  • How to apply

When fulfilling entry requirements, a candidate must need to clear an entry test which is a written test taken to evaluate the student’s skills and abilities for short listing.

  • Shortlisting

It is not possible for the admission committee of top such universities to enroll every student from the globe who is having A grades. Therefore, UCAS method is used to evaluate the best candidates for their university.

  • Interviews

In the final interview, an interview-based test is taken from the shortlisted candidates in order to assess the mind presence of students which make it easier for them to assess it quickly that how many candidates are going to enroll in the university.

Application process of Harvard University

Admission committee of Harvard University treats all the applicants in the same way so; students should fulfill all the requirements as soon as possible in order to gain timely consideration on an application.

  • Received the application

After getting an application from students, university committee acknowledges the application within two weeks, but if a candidate does not get acknowledgment, he should contact the university authority as early as possible.

  • Harvard Supplements

After that an applicant is required to fill Harvard questions with the help of application afterward, he can email the questionnaire back to the committee.

  • School Report And Mid-Year School Report (Including Transcripts)

After all the written applications students ask to submit transcripts or high school certificates that must be submitted at the time of admission.


After fulfilling all the requirements now applicants are required to complete SAT reasoning test or ACT score for the predictable future, it contains two SAT subjects or one mathematics subject. So it depends on upon the student’s choice that which test he prefers to do.

  • Misrepresentation Of Credentials

It is the last step of the application process in which all the documents are being investigated. Therefore, all the documents should be authentic otherwise, the admission can be cancel.

Admission requirements for Cambridge University

  • Before applying for Cambridge University, a candidate should be skilled enough as well as his grades should be high especially in the subject in which he wants to grow his career further.
  • The biggest advantage of this university is that it provides a golden chance to every applicant individually. But if a candidate is going to change the subject field he must have permission before getting enrolls in the university. Otherwise, his admission might be canceled out.
  • It is essential for students to have extensive English level skills. But for the students whose first language is different should have IELTS certificate with the minimum band score of 7.0 in speaking and listening and 6.0 in reading.


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