Search Engine Optimization or SEO is evolving with the emerging technology and search techniques, increasing use of voice search, AR and metaverse indicates that the search engine optimization is and will also evolve in the coming years. 

There are a few best SEO tips I would like to share with you today that will help you excel in google rankings in 2022. 

SEO Tips for 2022

Without wasting any time let’s jump directly on to the best SEO tips for 2022. 

Note: To make this article actionable, lets suppose you are planning an SEO campaign for a healthcare client. 

#1 Relevancy 

I have been working as an SEO expert in Jaipur for about 7 years now, and I have successfully surpassed more than 30 Major and Minor google algorithm updates, without any rank drop, you want to know how? 

Relevancy! Yes, relevancy has turned out to the game changer for me, “becoming the Wikipedia of what you offer”, this is the simple basic which me and my team stick to.

For example if you are working for your healthcare client you must have a blog on their website where you can target the problems, solutions and knowledge regarding your services, this will make your client website more relevant to the keyword cluster you are targeting. 

#2 Focus on what others say about you!

Authority or Trust is a key matrix which should have your prime focus in 2022. With every relevant brand mention and citation you’ll increase your authority in the particular subject matter. 

To accelerate the SEO performance of your healthcare you should focus on what other listing websites, and PR websites can offer you. Try Mentioning your brand or getting a backlink from every authority and relevant website. 

SEO Hack: In the beginning of your SEO campaign, it might be difficult to acquire citations, building a few web 2.0 websites and listing your business on free business listing portals still work. BUT remember, content rules the search now, every web 2.0 or business listing must be relevant and must provide great value to the users. As an SEO tip, I would suggest to create web 2.0 focusing on micro services or keywords, so that you also rank them. 

#3 Vocab friendly 

Using a good and easily readable content is always necessary, but with the increasing use of voice search, you must also start using text to voice extensions on your website or just vocab friendly language that is easy to read, and also speak. 

SEO Hack: Take a look at these amazing text to voice plugins for WordPress users.  

#4 Be mobile-first

Gone are the days when search engine was used on the computers and desktop only. Since last 10 years, with advancement of smart phones and internet, mobile is the most used device for accessing internet. 

Having a fast, robust, mobile friendly and responsive website plays a very important role in SEO today. 

#5 Be Contextual

Not according to google, but my experience and believe still lies in contextual backlinks and anchor distribution. To excel in your SEO services you must able to provide great content and contextual backlinking services to the clients. 

Using guest posting, article submission, web 2.0 and other techniques to acquire quality, and equally distributed contextual backlinks will surely show some results in 2022. BUT again remember, don’t ever forget to provide value to the search users and don’t ever copy content!

These were some of the SEO tips for 2022 which you must focus on!

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