Setting up your Bigcommerce online store can be easy, but you might not be clear how to optimize it for the best results. At 1Digital Agency, we understand how to optimize your BigCommerce storefront to maximize your customer reach and increase sales conversions.

Your product pages can be the most important part of your store because great product pages help search engine rankings and bring in more consumers. Well-designed BigCommerce product pages will also clearly inform your customers about your products and entice them to purchase from you. Customers who search with specific keywords are much more likely to purchase than those who search with generic search terms, so utilizing very specific descriptions in your BigCommerce site will help increase sales. Well-written, unique product descriptions will also help increase your SEO. 1Digital Agency specializes in eCommerce optimization techniques and will make your BigCommerce site rise above the competition.

Online shopping is a very visual experience so it is important to provide your customers with big, beautiful images that really showcase your products. It is important to use large, high quality, professional photos to help your customer feel like they are almost shopping in person when they are browsing your BigCommerce site. If your product lends well to them, adding videos to your eCommerce site will give you better search results, and drive more people to purchase from your BigCommerce storefront. The experts at 1Digital Agency can help you determine the best way to showcase your product for maximum impact.

Utilizing product reviews builds trust with your customers, and that trust will increase exchanges. More than 80% of consumers consult reviews when making a purchase. Be sure to add them to your BigCommerce site, as that alone can increase sales as much as 18%.

Focus on Overall Design to Make Your BigCommerce Site Become a Big Selling Tool

1Digital Agency also understands how focusing on your site’s look, feel and overall user experience can dramatically increase your sales conversions. A great homepage design should tell shoppers what you sell within 3 seconds, and make them feel like they can trust you with their credit card information. This can be done with a BigCommerce design that is clean and professional, drawing attention to your wonderful products. Having several of your most popular products displayed on the homepage can be an influential factor in purchasing for your customers.

Another important detail is to prominently display your contact number on every page of your BigCommerce website. This lets your customer to know that you are not a fly-by-night operation, allowing them to buy from you with confidence.

Finally, it is important to address potential “pain points” to increase customer confidence while they are shopping on your BigCommerce site. Giving complete and clear information about things like shipping costs and return policies will address potential objections before they arise. This is another factor in your BigCommerce shopping site that will increase sales conversions.

Contact 1Digital Agency today to discuss how we can optimize your BigCommerce website to improve your business’ success.

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