Earning a handful of cash through freelancing could be easy if only people learn to avoid a few clumsy mistakes they tend to make. Freelancing is a globally growing method of employment. This project-based method of services has taken a rise in the market and even employers have started preferring freelancers over regular employees.

If you are aspiring to be a freelancer and earn a handful of cash, you must know about the most common mistakes:

1.     Following the commandments of the clients

You are a freelancer because you have been qualified in the skills your client requires. If they were the most knowledgeable of all, perhaps, they wouldn’t have approached you. This is why, no matter what service you provide, you’re the master of your trade. Sometimes, following every single command of your client can give you a bad reputation.

You need to learn to gracefully decline your client’s demand when their instruction seems inappropriate to the context. You might think that you’d lose the job, but honesty in your work would only earn their trust in you. This is because clients want someone to guide them, especially when they are clueless about the work themselves.

2.     Mismanagement in your work

A lot of times freelancers upload unfinished or flawed work, leaving their project for further improvements and revisions later.Clients decide a deadline to receive a flawless result rather than a work they have to repeatedly request to be revised.

This happens because freelancers fail to organize and divide their work. By dividing your project according to the tasks, not only do you focus one step at a time, you also are able to handle the project smoothly. The lesser the hassle, the more efficient your work turns out to be.

3.     Not creating room for FAQs

Some of the clients are first timers and require guidance. They tend to ask questions which are too basic or require information for them to understand how you are working and how they would be able to apply your results.

For this, freelancers often send them links to other articles/ blogs that would help them understand. Never do this. Always dedicate a tiny proportion of your website to FAQs.

This will allow them to understand all the basics without nagging you too much or being irritated for not being answered immediately.

2.     Agreement to disagreement

In your heart, you might be disagreeing with too close a deadline. Never agree to what you initially disagreed. You know your potentials and capabilities better. Agreeing to a project that is close to the deadline might mean your inability to meet the deadline and failure in delivery of project.

This will end up getting you a bad name in the market.

3.     Losing touch

Your clients are the proof of your skills. They speak for your past efficiency and success. This is why it is a big blunder to lose contacts with your clients.

It is always easy to seal deals with those who you’ve worked for before, developing a strong connection would only strengthen your goodwill in the market. And even if these clients do not require your services in the near future, they can always recommend you to friends, family and acquaintances.

Keep freelancing, folks!

Author Bio: Guest post written by Miesha Tate, a freelance blogger assignment writing service australia.

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