Instagram has more than a billion active monthly users. It is also treated as the most popular social media platform to engage people since the Instagram algorithm changes regularly. Hence, every social media marketer needs to have an effective Instagram strategy.

Everybody wants to get more comments on Instagram. And the more words you get, it means that people are well interacting with your content. Also, it is always good to have more engagement for your Instagram profile.

Why Comments on Instagram Really Matters?

Instagram comments are really important because

  • It allows people to connect with their target audience.
  • It is very helpful to build a relationship with Instagram users, in case you are on instagram live stream. This is really important to get comments while live streaming on instagram.
  • It indicates that your content is performing well.
  • They are also a core part of the Instagram algorithm that determines how many people have seen your content on Instagram

Ways to Get More Comments on Instagram:

Below are 10 ways that will help to get more Instagram comments to your post.

1. Need to Choose Peak Posting Time:

You should always pay attention to your posting day and time. You should schedule your post at the best time for your followers on Instagram. Also, you can repeat your content many times by setting the day’s frequency to make an auto-post.

2. Need to Write Engaging Captions:

Since Instagram is a visual platform, each feed post on Instagram has enough space to write a caption that describes the content. You should always make use of conventional and human-friendly language to write Instagram captions.

Also, you should always add an essential part of your message at the beginning of your captions. An Instagram caption is engaging and powerful when it has a single sentence or several paragraphs. According to a study, an Instagram post that contains 1-150 characters is used to get more engagement.

3. Should Reply to Comments:

If you really want to increase Instagram comments to your post, then you should reply back to your comments. This will further help you to generate discussion and get more comments for your post on Instagram. With these all-natural options, you can try some paid marketing services, where you can buy custom instagram comments for your all posts. It is a really simple but effective method to increase post engagement without hard work.

4. Should Run a Contest:

The Instagram contest plays an important role in boosting your engagement rate and helps get more comments for your post. You should run an Instagram contest that asks your followers to tag a friend in the comment section. This will further help you to get more comments on your Instagram post.

5. Should Use Your Instagram Stories:

Instagram stories are considered the easy and best way to engage with your audience. It is also beneficial to get more comments on Instagram. An Instagram story has many cool features which directly allow you to interact with your audience. You can ask questions, create polls, conduct quizzes and answer questions as well.

6. Need to Tag People, Brand, and Locations:

You should always tag other Instagram accounts, brands, people, and their friends. This will help you to attract more users and allow content to appear in various places. Also, you should make use of location tagging to help people find you in your area. This is really helpful while running a local business.

7. Should Promote Your Instagram Posts:

Promoting your Instagram post is one of the best options to get more comments on your Instagram post. This will help you to get more visibility for your post. If you have a business account, then you can easily promote your post on Instagram.

8. Should Use Relevant Hashtags:

Hashtags are essential for any Instagram marketer. Hashtags on Instagram are being followed by users, which provide brands to reach people without following their business page. Therefore, Instagram posts that use hashtags do get 12.6% more engagement than those that do not use any hashtags.

9. Use Faces in Pictures:

According to research, Instagram posts that feature people in photos and videos do generate a lot of comments. You can use the following ways to get more words using these tactics.

  • By asking your team to take over on Instagram.
  • By using stock photos.
  • By reposting Instagram influencer content.
  • By sharing pictures of satisfied customers.

10. Boost a Post:

To boost posts on Instagram, you need to have a business account that has to be connected with the Facebook business manager. And if you spend the budget as a strategy on your social marketing, you will quickly get a lot of comments for your post by boosting it.

After setting your Facebook business manager, you need to open the app, and then you need to go to your selected post. Then you need to press the promote button and select a goal for your boosted post. After setting your daily budget for your promoted post, you will get comments on your Instagram post.

Take Away:

If you adjust to your few habits of engagement, you will get a lot of comments on your post on Instagram. This applies to all social media networks, including Instagram. I hope you find this post a lot beneficial. Thanks a lot for reading the entire post.
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