the “City of Gems”. Jaipur is indeed the city of gems if we take a tour of the history of the great tradition of the ethnicity of this region that covers all the regions of Rajasthan. This region has a rich and ancient culture that differentiates it from the rest of India. Usually, the geophysical condition of a region plays a significant role in establishing the unique traditions of food habits, sports, music, clothes, and ornaments. Rajasthan is a dry land, the land of desert and it needed proper planning for any civilization to flourish in this part of the country. India was the first to mine diamonds and other precious gemstones. It is a land with a massive reserve of natural gemstones as well as the most skilled craftsmen of jewelry makers and stone cutters. In other words, India has everything essential for gemstone jewelry manufacturing. We are the pioneer of gemstone jewelry manufacturing and supply.
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