We’re my pizzaheaven, a locally owned business in the heart of Cape May in between summer and fall. Even though we’ve been around for many years, we still love to get straight to the point! This is why our tagline is ‘Where We Explain The Value Of Life’, because we love offering our customers more than just a good meal – from fresh ingredients, unique doughs and sauces that never disappoint, you can taste the difference here.

About  Pizza Heaven

Pizza Heaven is “a pizza joint in Cape May, New Jersey that believes in treating its customers fairly and providing them with a quality product at an affordable price.” We provide fresh, made-to-order pizza and wings. 


What is the value of life?

There is no single answer to this question since everyone has their own idea about what matters most to them. However, for some people, the value of life may include enjoying good food and drink, spending time with family and friends, having fun, and feeling healthy. At Pizza Heaven, we believe in providing our customers with quality food and drink at an affordable price. We think that this philosophy embodies the spirit of life – it’s about enjoying every moment while we can.

Our Services

Our pizza is the best pizza in Cape May Court House. Our pies are authentic Without Gimmicks and Tasty. You will love the unique flavours we offer and our unbeatable prices. Plus, we offer pizza delivery cape may and takeout service. Come to  PizzaHeaven for a great meal at an affordable price.

Benefits of Dining Out

One of the benefits of dining out is learning about new cuisines. Some people may be intimidated by trying something new, but by trying a new local pizza shop, they can discover some new and wonderful flavours. Additionally, by dining out, people can also network and make connections with others. Even if someone doesn’t technically work in the industry, dining out allows for conversations about various topics. These connections can lead to opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise occur.  So what are some benefits of eating out? Here are just a few:

Toppings and Tips for Taste

Pizza Heaven is a well-known spot for pizza in Cape May Court House. Whether you’re looking for a classic pie or something with a little more flavour, we’ve got you covered.

But what makes Pizza Heaven truly special is their toppings and how to get the perfect bite. So whether you’re looking to increase your pie’s flavour or just want some tips, we’ve got you covered!

For starters, choose your cheese wisely. While most pizzas come adorned with three types of cheese – mozzarella, grana Padano, and cheddar – you can also find combos like garlic butter and Parmesan that elevate the taste even further. Consider adding those toppings to any pizza for an extra zing.

And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, try mixing things up by adding roasted pumpkin, roasted red pepper, or sausage to your pie. Incorporating new flavours will give your palate a workout and help make your favourite pies even more Complex than standard recipes allow.

No matter what your preference, we have the tips and advice you need to enjoy a delicious and unforgettable meal at  Pizza Heaven.

Our Philosophy Regarding Eating Out

We believe in enjoying life to the fullest, including our food. That’s why we think pizza is the perfect way to celebrate all kinds of occasions! From personal gatherings with friends to family events, Pizza Heaven is the perfect place to enjoy a great meal. And don’t forget about our amazing local pizza delivery service – no matter where you are in Cape May Court House, we’ll make sure your pizza arrives at your doorstep hot and fresh!

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