Mobile applications have rapidly gone from luxury to necessity. With the introduction of smartphones, we now have an always-on digital tool at our fingertips. McKinsey forecasted that the “number of smartphone-connected people will reach two billion by 2020, more than three times as many as in 2015”. This rapid growth has resulted in a 350% increase in the number of mobile apps available on the app store, with Google Play and App Store generating $59 billion in revenue last year.
Flutter is considered to be a cross-platform development tool that is used by Google to create mobile apps. It was released in 2017 and is a general-purpose mobile app development framework that is free and open source.
There are two main deviations from the traditional Android or iOS App development:
Flutter uses Dart as its programming language which has been developed from JavaScript,
Flutter don’t use the traditional Activity life cycle but instead allows apps to run on multiple threads concurrently.
In such a competitive industry, companies are constantly looking for new ways to stay ahead of their competitors and make a profit. The introduction of Native and Flutter Apps has been one solution that has been able to solve many problems faced by mobile developers today.
Shopping for home delivery, photos from corporate events or an online game? There are many ideas for a mobile application, but what to do to be successful?
Business analysis of the VP version, support in the development of SLA applications, things that you should take care of.What else is important?
Innovative features such as AI, AR, Maps API and so onstability servernative technology and flutterQA testingSEO in App Store and Android
A year ago, mobile marketers were able to use mobile apps to market their products on mobile devices. But now we are seeing the emergence of new trends in m-commerce marketing. Flutter apps are a good example of this trend. Native apps are also becoming more popular because they have a better user experience than web-based counterparts.
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