Are you looking for the best way for how to transfer email from Gmail to Microsoft Outlook with attachments? If yes, then don’t think too much just directly go to follow this entire blog material that provide you one of the amazing Gmail to Outlook Tool designed by so many professionals. In this blog post, first, we will discuss the user query in brief and then, proceed to collect the solution of this query. So, interested users can follow the entire blog material that we have discussed. Keep reading…

User Query

“Hey, my name is Brayden and I am a non-technical user of the Gmail email application. Currently, I have a large collection of Gmail emails which is approx 1,25,000 which I need to access into Microsoft Outlook. And, the problem is the lack of knowledge about email applications and conversions. So, I am here to discuss my issue with you so that you will understand and provide me a proper solution for it. Can you please quickly help me to solve the problem of how to transfer email from Gmail to Microsoft Outlook? Thanks in Advance…”

If you are having the same issue that is mentioned above, then feel free to go to read out the further material of this blog post.

Gmail to Outlook Tool – For Transferring Gmail Email Database to PST Outlook

In this section, users who are suffering from the issue of how to transfer email from Gmail to Microsoft Outlook can simply download the best Gmail to Outlook Tool. This tool is one of the topmost trusted and secured program available in a marketplace which is well-designed by n number of professionals. By using this amazing tool, anyone can transfer Gmail emails to Outlook PST format with all its email attachments. The tool is easy to handle by all types of technical and non-technical users. It does not require any extra technical expertise. The software is introduced with a bunch of advanced features and benefits that help out to perform a better conversion process.

To know more and collect its advance features and benefits, you can go through the points discussed in the next section.

Amazing Features and Benefits of Gmail to Outlook Software

  • 100% Secure & Trusted Tool: The Gmail to Outlook Tool is a 100% safe and secure solution for how to transfer email from Gmail to Microsoft Outlook. It means users can freely opt this solution to move data from Gmail account to PST format without thinking too much.
  • Save all Gmail Emails: By using this program, Gmail users can directly save their all email files from Gmail account into Outlook application. It can export your complete Gmail email database to PST format which is supported by MS Outlook.
  • Export all Mails with Attachments: Anyone can simply go through with the complete working guide of Gmail to Outlook Tool because it can transfer your emails with attachments. It means this tool will helpful for exporting Gmail emails to Outlook with attachments.
  • Batch Export from Gmail: It offers a batch facility by which performers can go to transfer bundles of Gmail email folders into Microsoft Outlook application in a single round of process only. Users do not require to move the files one by one. It means you can also save time and energy too.
  • Supports all MS Outlook Version: The Gmail to PST Outlook software supports all Microsoft Outlook versions which means you can transfer Gmail emails into any MS Outlook versions like- 2019, 2016, 2013, etc.
  • Maintains Folder Structure: This software is also capable to maintain complete Gmail folder structure into MS Outlook in the same manner. It helps users to track each and every folder without any problem.
  • Keep Email Details: Additionally, a Gmail transfer to Outlook software preserves all email properties as it is such as to, cc, bcc, subject, font size, font style, font color, and many others.
  • Transfer Selective Folders: During the transfer process, the program asks you to choose the Gmail folders for transferring into the MS Outlook application. So, at that time you can choose the folders to perform selective Gmail folders to MS Outlook transfer process.
  • Require Login Details: To perform Gmail to Outlook conversion procedure, the software asks you to put the login id and password of your Gmail email account. After adding Gmail account login details into the software screen, the software starts the process to transfer the files from Gmail to MS Outlook.
  • Multiple Filters Available: The perfumers will get the various email filters and date filters to move important data files from their Gmail account to the MS Outlook application.
  • Windows-Supported Tool: This is an amazing program that is easy to operable by users on all Windows OS platforms like- Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, etc.
  • Save Log Report: At the end of the process, the software shows a notepad that includes a complete short summary of Gmail emails to Outlook conversion process. You can also save this notepad in the machine.

Golden Words

Overall, we can freely say that Gmail to Outlook Tool is the only perfect way for how to transfer email from Gmail to Microsoft Outlook without any problem. Now, free to download Gmail Backup software on your Windows machine and transfer the first 25 Gmail emails into MS Outlook PST format without any cost.

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