It has been more than 18 months since Facebook’s founder and CEO; Mark Zuckerberg proposed his aim to integrate the two platforms i.e, Facebook messenger, and Instagram.

The Direct messaging service of Instagram has been replaced by Messenger that enables to send chats to the users. Also, you can directly send photos and videos between the two platforms for the very first time.

This idea was announced in the year 2019 March. They said, Facebook and Instagram could not only merge with each other but also these social media platforms will incorporate WhatsApp, to enable end-to-end encryption for all the sent messages between these three social media platforms.

There is a need for specific user consent for the integration of these to social media platforms that would allow their accounts to be integrated; Facebook is furnishing new features as a carrot to motivate the users. Whenever they accept the update, the users would be unable to send selfie stickers, watch Instagram videos with friends well being on video calls, and send disappearing messages.

Facebook’s founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg said that the new features would be carried out in a few countries immediately and very soon all over the globe.

No timescale is there for the most controversial plans that were announced in the year 2019 by Zuckerberg: the merging of WhatsApp with the Facebook messenger as well as Instagram, and the decision to turn to an end to end encryption for all conversation on all these three social media platforms.

Well initially, this announcement was very much criticized as a perceived attempt to anticipatory save Facebook from outer antitrust enforcement that could have forced to spin off WhatsApp or Instagram into separate companies. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the idea implementation was essential to take our change to the very heart of the company.

He said that the company with this initiative can create platforms for private sharing that could even be more useful for the people than platforms that are already designed to help people to share and connect more openly.

Now whenever you open your Instagram, you will be able to see how Facebook has initiated turning over the switch for merging the chat systems for messenger and Instagram. Many people, who buy followers from USA site, are able to get even more value out of their followings. All the iOS and Android devices now you may be able to see an update screen that would pop up with all new colourful looks for your chats, more emoji options, and chat with friends who use the Facebook mobile app with the message this is the new way to message on Instagram.

Whenever you would do a tab on the update, the regular messaging icon on the top right side of Instagram would be seen as the Facebook messenger logo in the replacement. On Instagram, The chats on Instagram are more colourful than it was before as you scroll the message of the sender in blue and purple colour. However, this new initiative has not still allowed the Instagram app to send a message to Facebook users.

The plan is very vivid that has been made by Facebook to unify the messaging platforms of its widely popular applications to allow cross messaging among messenger Instagram and WhatsApp. With the aim of integrating all its most famous apps, i.e. Facebook Instagram and Whatsapp, the world’s biggest Facebook may be able to compete in a better way with the apple’s iMessage.

Apart from this, Facebook stated that the new interoperability would even work even if the uses of Instagram do not have any Facebook account or vice versa.

However, the new features also include boomerang-like selfie stickers, use of custom emoji reactions, forward messages with up to 5 friends or groups, the ability to personalize the chat’s color, reply directly to a specific message in a group chat, etc.

All the changes that are made are quite confusing because of the way they have been designed. But Facebook furnishes a wide range of nuanced controls, can many users do not to worry and try to figure them out as they are constantly changing and being more complex.

With this larger update, the Facebook watch has been introduced along with Instagram reels that have created its popular impact among the users of these social media platforms.

After the Facebook watch and reels, Instagram is also planning to take out an outstanding option of disappearing messages just as Snapchat with an option of vanish mode. Also, people are using Instagram to make fortune by getting a big following on the platform. They buy likes from USA for more engagement. This is the best time for Instagram to keep rolling out more features.

Facebook’s chat is very important and technical from an infrastructure perspective. Well, there is so much curiosity among the people to see the new upcoming features of these three apps altogether. And, very soon it might be possible that Facebook again starts testing the changes with a small percentage of users to make the experience of users more enjoyable.

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