If you are an iPhone user and a fitness enthusiast at the same time, having an Apple Watch makes sense. I have been using an iPhone for a longest time and the current model I am on is the iPhone 13. While the latest iPhone offers quite a few exciting features, I always missed having a compatible smartwatch. This is the first Apple Watch that I have used in my eight years in the tech media industry, so I was extremely fascinated at first.

The Apple Watch Series 7 looks premium and offers a sturdy build at the same time. Personally, the Apple Watch Series 7 is one of the best-looking smartwatches I have ever used. Whether it is the premium Samsung watches or ones from Fossil or other brands, the Apple Watch Series 7 offers a gorgeous design and along with it a sturdy build quality.

Even Apple claims that this one is the most “durable” Apple Watch yet. The company further claims that the Watch Series 7 is “over twice as thick at its tallest point than Apple Watch Series 6” and also that the “front crystal has been redesigned with a flat base, creating a sturdier shape more resistant to cracks.” Display While I personally liked the overall design of the Apple Watch Series 7, if you are already on other of the previous generation watches like the Watch Series 6 or even 5 or even the SE, you may not find much difference in terms of looks.

Except that the new smartwatch offers a much bigger display. There are several watch faces as well but the Apple Watch still doesn’t support third party watch face support. Health tracking One of the best things about the Apple Watch Series 7 is that how much it takes care of me. The frequent reminders to move around or take a walk helped me be more active than I usually am. It offers several health features such as the heart rate monitor, blood oxygen measuring and much more. The Watch Series 7 also helped reduce the screen time on iPhone as I could do most of the things in the watch. This is one problem that I always had and the new Watch Series 7 solves it.

In my 10 days of using the Apple Watch, the steps tracking seemed quite accurate. Days when I couldn’t reach my goal the watch also made me feel quite guilty about it. The Apple Watch also lets you measure your ECG, but it is a tricky process. You will need to measure your ECG using the app installed within the health app, which comes preinstalled with your iPhone. Battery This is one of the few areas where I feel the Apple Watch Series 7, First Copy Fossil Smartwatches could have been better in my opinion. With heart rate tracking and other notifications turned on, the Apple Watch Series 7 last me for one full day. This means, you will need to charge the smartwatch every single day. 

I used the Apple Watch to check notifications, steps tracking, exercise monitoring, heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring, responding to emails and messages and much more. Another drawback is that it takes quite some time to charge the smartwatch fully. Ideally it is better to put the Apple Watch Series 7 on charge at night and plug it out in the morning. The watch brings the new Magnetic USB-C cable, but you will need your own power adapter as the retail box doesn’t include that.  

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