Make use of interactive animations to simulate the effects of the innovative product as it should perform in your HVAC structure.

Find your product films and find out how our very own products can support you to. Click the play switch to begin with! Heating and air conditioning systems. Tapwater systems. Procedure systems where in fact the media will not affect the incoming materials.

FPL compression coupling for rough and soft copper pipes and soft steel pipes. Take note! On p of that, fPL isn’t authorized for gas installations in conjunction with steel pipes.


Dy ‘6 54’ mm.

The vast mixture possibilities -one connection rso size grips several spiral welding pipe dimensions by exclusively changing the thrust nut and cone -decreases the required space for storage substantially. Approved with the help of Gastec for gas installations with copper pipes. Keep in mind, certificate Q06/004. Physiques are marked.

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Whenever hconsuming meals and in addition chilling water systems, for pretty up to date information on items and specifications, please visit This is a supremely flexible compression coupling for metallic rough, soft or pipes copper pipes and soft steel pipes in tap. Ultimately, quite related rso fits as much as 7 all sizes unique basic, pipes or ensuring swift installation and saving dollars while reducing space for storage. the web page uses cookies to raised meet your requirements. Nice construction of internet browser options lets you stop or remove cookies but could cause the site never to function correctly as well as anyway. Consequently, with no fixes to your web browser settings, when carrying on to use the site, you want to the usage of cookies. Of course study about our very own Privacy Policy for cookies and next identical technology. Delivered simply because non plated or surface area treated. Observe any product table.