7 Famous Literary Bars

Top 7 Famous Literary Bars

It is a fact universally known that every world famous writer has a string of establishments that are linked with their name. Whether this is a specific street address where they penned their most famous works, a library named in their honour, or a building with a blue plaque that pronounces to be the scene of a prominent moment in their literary history, there are numerous tours and pilgrimages that avid fans and admirers can make to pay tribute to the important landmarks of their favourite figures.

One of the most popular kinds of establishments that writers tend to be associated with are pubs and bars, with every author seemingly finding solace and relaxation in the form of a well made drink every now and then. If discovering writer-linked bars is something that interests you, a great place to start is with this wonderful infographic by the team of talented writers over at assignmentmasters.co.uk. In a visually pleasing and easy to understand way, they have compiled some information about the following seven pubs and bars.

1. White Horse Tavern – New York City

Opened in 1880 and located on Hudson Street and 11th Street in Manhattan, the White Horse Tavern is the renowned spot where poet Dylan Thomas beat his own personal drinking record, and it also where he had his very last drink. Other notable patrons of the bar include Jack Kerouac, Hunter S. Thompson and Charles Laughton.

2. Cerveceria Alemana – Madrid

La Alemana in Madrid has the special privilege of being one of the favourite hangouts of the one and only Ernest Hemingway. He was quoted as proclaiming that the bar was a “good place to drink beer and coffee”, and we are sure he did a lot of both during his visits! Aside from the literary icon, another famous fan of the Alemana was the beautiful American actress, Ava Gardner.

3. Old Town Bar – New York City

Another long-standing bar with roots stretching back as far as 1892, the Old Town Bar on 18th Street in Manhattan has been praised by a handful of literary figures including Nick Hornby, Billy Collins, Seamus Heaney and Frank McCourt. Its marble and mahogany interior really does give the place an ‘old town’ feel, and it’s known by many as a place where you can have a good drink and still be able to carry on a conversation.

4. The Eagle And Child – Oxford

With a history stretching all the way back to the 17th century, there is no wonder that The Eagle And Child is a special place. Nestled in the heart of one of the most learned cities in the world, over the years the cosy pub has been the favourite drinking spot of iconic literary figures such as J.R.R. Tolkien, Colin Dexter, C.S. Lewis and Charles Williams. You can really feel the weight of history in this little gem of a tourist spot.

5. El Floridita – Havana

Opened for business in 1817, El Floridita in Havana, Cuba was another favourite establishment of the drinking spot connoisseur that was Ernest Hemingway! A truly authentic cocktail bar, the place boasts numerous photographs of the writer on its walls, and to this day it has maintained a 40’s and 50’s vibe in tribute to the period of its highest popularity. Also a favoured destination of writers like Ezra Pound and Graham Greene.

6. Les Deux Magots – Paris

Nestled in the beating heart of Paris, Les Deux Magots was opened in 1812, interestingly, the very same year as Napoleon’s invasion of Russia. The bar and café became know as a hub for the intellectual Parisian elite to mingle, and these intellectuals included literary figures such as Jean-Paul Sartre, James Joyce, Bertolt Brecht and, you guessed it, Ernest Hemingway!

7. Literary Café – Saint Petersburg

Fittingly named the Literary Café, this famous establishment in Saint Petersburg, Russia was a frequent day and night time destination for many of the country’s most famous and celebrated writers. It is said that the café was the last drinking place of Puskin before he took part in his fatal duel, and other renowned patrons included Saltykov, Dostoevsky, Chernyshevsky and Shchedrin.

With these seven drinking spots to choose from in several different locations all over the world, there is nothing to stop you from planning your very own literary figure pub crawl to pay your respects to some of the most brilliant minds that we have ever known. Head over and take a look at the full infographic, as it has detailed location addresses, a few extra details about each bar, and a plethora of photographs to help you put a visual to the names. Once again, the team at assignmentwriters.co.uk have produced a wonderful, helpful and most importantly, fun resource that you can use to plan a trip or simply gain some cool trivia.

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