In these days where the world of content on the internet is booming like nothing, just creating the content is not enough. There are people and brands who are striving hard to create content in the best way possible. So, as a content marketing agency in India, if you want to sustain and create an impact with your content your content quality needs to be top notch. And, of course you do not have enough time to check everything from A to Z manually. It is next to impossible and you might be thinking, “then how to check content quality?” Well, you have to use some tools in order to lessen your manual labour in creating content.

Let’s know what those tools are and how they work.

Grammarly : I can’t stress on how grammar is the most important thing in writing. Grammar defines the meaning and structure of a content. Also, when your content is full of grammatical errors, the image you create in front of an audience is not good. So, you simply can’t afford to make grammatical mistakes if you want to shine as a content marketing agency in India. Grammarly helps you in this. After writing the content, if you run grammarly keyboard once they point out your grammatical mistakes and also suggest solutions. So, you should use grammarly if you want to correct your grammar while writing content.

Ubersuggest : Ubersuggest is another tool you should use if you are a blog creator. This tool allows you to choose a topic for your next blog post around a theme or a keyword. For example, you want to create a blog on SEO. You just have to go to the search bar on uber suggest and search ‘SEO’. And if you want to dig even deeper, you can click on the content ideas and you’ll get thousands of posts containing your keyword.  Not only that, you can even check the estimated number of monthly visitors, The number of backlinks or The number of shares on Facebook and Pinterest for a blog post on a certain page.

Readability test tool : Readability of your content determines the flow and how long will it entice your reader or hook your reader on that page. To check the readability of your content you can use tools like webfx, readable etc.

Plagiarism checker : The magic of your content lies in your originality. The more original you are, the more you’ll be able to add value to your reader. So, you have to avoid plagiarism in order to stand out to your readers. If you try to do this manually, it is next to impossible. So, try different plagiarism checkers out there online. You can use plagiarism checkers that give detailed results like, 1text, quetext etc. They’ll even check grammatical mistakes for you.

You might be thinking, “Oh. I don’t copy anyone’s content. Why would I need it?” I’ll answer that for you. While researching, you absorb a lot of data, words and sentences from other blogs and tend to use those in your content as well subconsciously. To avoid these mishaps you must use plagiarism checkers.

Headline analyzer : First impressions are the best impressions and your headline is the first impression to your readers. So, you must focus on creating impactful and SEO friendly headlines to rank better and to leave an effective impression on your readers mind. You can use headline analyzers like Coschedule for this purpose. This is not anything time consuming. Rather you just have to put your chosen headline and the tool will show you how good it is as a headline with a percentage.

So, this is how to check content quality as a content marketing agency in India. Content is something that will help you emerge your agency as the best content marketing agency in India. So, I hope you’ll utilize these tools to check the content quality. And let us know how this blog helped you.

Best of luck!
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