Social media is no more just a platform to make friends and increase social circle. It has become an incredible channel to generate leads as well.

Brands and start-ups with minimum amount of budgets are using social media as their primary resource to generate healthy leads.

To be honest, if they can do it, then it is definitely your turn to make an impactful presence of your business on social media.

However, everything starts with a proper plan that will take you to the ladder of success in a short span of time.

It is because of this reason I have narrowed down five remarkable tips that will surely help you generate massive number of leads through an effective use of social media.

So, fasten your seat belt and take a deep breathe because you will be introduced to astonishing tips that will guide you to convert a random visitor to a potential lead in no time.

  • Everything Starts with Compelling Content

Oh yes, when it comes to internet marketing, content plays the most serious role. Be it a social media caption or a blog post, content works like a backbone that supports the entire system.

If you want to utilize social media as a powerful weapon for lead generation, then give the topmost priority to content. Not only content, but its type and format as well.

But to make it happen, you will have you to do a PhD on your audience. It means that you should know each and everything about your prospects.

You should know how your intended audience reacts to a certain situation and what type of content is the best choice to feed their hunger.

Furthermore, you should keep eye on your competitor’s social existence to plot a better and more mature social media lead generation plan.

  • Share Stories to Earn Credibility

The best tactic to earn immense credibility on social media is ‘real time stories’. Instead of promoting your services, take your audience to a memorable trip.

On this trip, you will have enormous opportunities to showcase your objective and convince your prospects. The best example to explain this point is Oreo.

If you take a look at Oreo’s Facebook and Twitter handles, you will get a clear idea about storytelling and how it can be used to attract people.

Therefore, it is extremely essential for a business to be an impressive storyteller for earning amazing credibility from the target audience.

  • Use Your Cover Image Section Smartly

For brands, I believe that cover image is a brilliant option to convey a direct message to followers and frequent visitors.

Apart from adding catchy punch lines and contact information, you can also use cover image to insert a big ‘Call-to-Action’. Sounds cool, right?

But, I really want to disclose one thing over here. If you want to obtain a good response rate from your brand’s cover image, make sure to create captivating call-to-actions.

I am pretty sure that this strategy will surely work for all gigantic social platforms.

  • Use Appropriate Hashtags to Reach Out to the Potential Audience

Today, if you are not using relevant and appealing hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, you can’t reach out to your prospects easily.

But on a serious note, hashtag is a fantastic bridge that can connect you to your audience without spending a single penny out of your pocket.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to market. What really matters is the quality of content. If you are sharing right content to the right audience, no one can stop you from generating leads and then customers.

Believe me or not, but Twitter is a phenomenal platform for generating leads. But, it all depends on how you use it. If you are making best use of hashtags along with eye-catching tweets, things will be a lot more positive.

  • Last but Not the Least, Pick the Right Channel for the Right Audience

If I am saying that social media is a great channel to generate and close leads, it doesn’t mean that you should use every single platform with a similar strategy and plan of action.

Remember, every platform has its own uniqueness and audience. For instance, if you are targeting mature people to market your services, then Twitter is the most suitable option.

On the other hand, if you want to attract audience, but you want to entertain them at the same time, then Facebook should be your hub spot.

Take your time, do your research and come up with a solid and actionable plan for each social network.

Concluding Thoughts:

If you want to enhance the social existence of your brand for transforming it to a lead generation machine, then I can proudly say that all the aforementioned tips would turn out to be beneficial for you.


Author Bio:

Anna Marsh is working as a Social Media Strategist at a digital agency in New York. She has been helping small and medium size businesses since five years through his skills and essay writing help experience. When not working, she plays chess with her son.

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