The Times Travel section is looking for your stories about the intersection of love and travel. That could mean a romantic encounter, a breakup or friendships or relationships made or challenged. The only requirements are that you were traveling when it happened. We’re particularly interested in moments: markers in a relationship that occurred away from home. How did the trip end? How did you leave things?

As an example, I’ll offer up a moment — O.K., really a week — of my own. Seven years ago, my wife and I headed to the Isle of Skye,(Tough gig, I know.) It was mid-July, the one time of the year when this area of Scotland was supposed to be relatively dry. Needless to say, it rained the entire five days we were there; we had a cumulative four or five hours of dry weather. Our plan went from eating and hiking to eating and driving — on the left side of the road (my first time trying that, and I did not enjoy it), when those road weren’t single lane.


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