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Earning money online is like a dream of every blogger but when it turns out to be a business of pennies then it might be frustrating for him/her. What can be the mistake that your advertising network not earning you that desired amount that you deserve after having a large number of regular visitors who are loyal and visit to your website to appreciate your work daily? It might be because of a wrong selection of ad network.

Reason for Not Earning Good with CPC:

OK! Let’s just put it straight. You started a blog and after working on it for months, you made it popular and successful among others. You signed up for a nice paying CPC ad network that has changed millions of lives through their promising rates and guaranteed payments. But it might not work for you because CPC works differently and when your visitor knows the interface of your website then they are less likely to click on ads that you displayed alongside your content.

No problem, you can try CPM ad networks (Cost per mile/ thousand impressions) and choose from the list provided below


This ad network is best for those who can target the traffic from USA but you should at least give it a try to know the depth of this ad network. This network provides website statistics and demographics that help you to understand the progress/mistake of your website. It supports PayPal, Net30 and Wire Transfer for payment matters and minimum limit is $50.

CPXi (CPX interactive):

The only limit to be accepted in this CPM ad network is that you should have 30,000+ monthly visitors (despite of some other restrictions that you should check before applying). They pay well, on time and are famous for their reliability in CPM market. Payment methods are same as Sovrn CPM network like PayPal, Wire Transfer and Net30 with a $100 minimum limit.


The first and most interesting reason that may click you is that this CPM ad network pays the revenue on daily basis (only if you reach the minimum limit). It accepts publisher’s application from all countries and focuses each and every country all around the globe so you should definitely consider this one for your blog. This has a bit more payment gateways to accommodate many more publishers in getting payments with PayPal, Payza, NET1 and Paxum with minimum limit of $10.

Technorati Media:

I know that you are well aware of Technorati that is known as the search engine of blogs but you may not know that this media group has a CPM network program with quite decent rates and comparatively less conditions to become a part of it. They support PayPal, Check and NET60 to clear payments.


AdCash is having ad campaigns mostly based on online games and mobile content. This network is suitable for those websites or blogs that are covering entertainment news so if you are working in this niche then you may give it a shot to test its potential. You can get your payment through PayPal, Skrill, NET30 or Wire Transfer after reaching €25 that is minimum requirement here.

Casale Media:

This CPM ad network prefers traffic from specific countries like North America, Western Europe and Australia so you should only try this platform if you are getting traffic from these specific regions and the second hurdle in attaining a position in Casale Media is that they do not notice bloggers and webmasters that are just starting out their online journey. Meet the minimum limit of $25 and get your payment through NET30, Check or PayPal.


Conversant, formerly known as ValueClick, is one of the oldest and reliable CPM ad networks that one can trust after confirming from pro CPM publishers in his contact. You just need to get 3000 monthly page views on your blog and you are in. Reach the minimum limit of €25 and get your payment through NET30 or Wire Transfer.

Tribal Fusion:

Tribal Fusion is one of the strictest CPM ad networks that are very careful in selecting publishers so you should be vary of that before you make your mind to become a part of it and earn through their largest advertising network. You should have 500,000 monthly page views to become a part of it. Minimum limit is $50 and it only supports NET45 or Check for clearing payments.

Matomy Display:

Matomy Display is another great option for trying your luck with CPM ad networks but you should read their terms and conditions carefully before you make any move and fill the signup form. Minimum limit to withdraw your money is $50 and it supports NET30, PayPal and Wire Transfer for clearing payments.


As you know about BuySellAds and its reliability so I do not think that I need to explain about it anymore. This online ads marketplace is a great and proven way to sell out your adspace on your website and make some decent bucks with your content. Minimum limit for cashing out your money is $10 and it supports Check, PayPal, Wire Transfer ( limit $500 with $35 fee) and NET1 for clearing payments.


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