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5 Tips for Reentry after Studying Abroad

It seems readjusting to life back in your hometown can be quite the exercise than having to adjust to the one on the outside especially after students opt for overseas college...

Few tips on how to write articles well

Writing articles is quite interesting and fun. If one has a flair for writing, this should be very easy and an enjoyable activity. Although there is no set way to go...

How to Find Interview Subjects and Conduct an Expert Interview for Your Blog

How can you drive new visitors to your blog and create unique content that no one else has? Interviews. Interviewing experts in areas that relate to your blog topic is a smart move...

12 Apps For Longer Battery Life [Android]

There are plenty of different smartphones on the market these days and they come loaded with all sorts of features. From an elegant and beautiful design to a good quality camera...

What is Blogging? (Recommended for Beginners)

It may be a new thing to hear when someone says to you that ‘I’m a blogger!’ or when you ask anyone that ‘What do you do for living?’ and he/she...

IPAGE REVIEW (The best domain and hosting company)

Most entrepreneurs feel that purchasing an extravagant domain name assurances traffic and recognition of their site. Despite, it is not difficult to get a cheap domain name that is equally trustworthy;...

Top 10 CPM Ad Networks (Cost per mile/ thousand impressions)

Earning money online is like a dream of every blogger but when it turns out to be a business of pennies then it might be frustrating for him/her. What can be...

PDF Files: 10 Most-Wanted Tips

Most of us are frequent users of PDF. Whether we use it for work or for personal matters, it’s a format that is widely used as it’s reliable, trusted, accessible and...

Freelance Vs. In-House: Which Produces The Best Designers?

One of my favorite things, besides design, food, and writing about design and food, is perturbing my fellow designers with strange questions. You guys should try it sometime; it’s really fun....

Build Web Layouts Easily with Susy

I've been coming around to the idea of using Susy (a Sass add-on for grids) lately. I like the idea of grids-on-demand, rather than a strict framework (no matter how simple)....
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That time I explored Jasper National Park on a motorcycle

Exploring Jasper National Park by motorcycle Let me start by saying that I’m terrified of motorcycles. When I’m driving on the highway and a motorcycle...